Those of you who tuned into the SPARKies this year will know that, as well as our coveted awards, our friends at Storm had another special prize. Celebrating the SPARKies and their not-for-profit spin out, Co-forest, they have put forward 10 square meters of a future forest for each of the 16 winners!

These winners kick off the TechSPARK forest, a quarter-acre of land in which a forest will be planted in 2021, but we’re inviting our whole community to get involved. You might be interested in offsetting your company’s carbon footprint or just interested in creating and protecting new habitats.

As our friends at Co-forest say “We’re not just jumping on the ‘plant a few trees’ bandwagon. Co-forest is investing in preserving land and creating habitat, as well as planting a woodland. We won’t be chopping the trees down after 10 years.

Our forests will be as much about creating ecological impact as they are about carbon offsetting. We’re planting the right mix of native woodland trees, on appropriate land, in the right places to join up ecological corridors and boost biodiversity.”

We’re delighted to be involved with Co-forest, and if you would like to join us, your company can make a pledge now for as little as £50, you just need to head to the TeckSPARK x Co-forest page and register your interest.

Geraint Evans