For the month of February at TechSPARK, we’re celebrating all things Scale-Up related, so we were excited to hear about Rovco’s continued growth into 2021.

Rovco is a leading provider of energy industry robotics and hydrographic services using AI and Live 3D technology; and they’ve announced a record year for 2020, delivering £7.5 million (US$10.3 million) in revenues – a 286% increase on 2019.

2020 also saw the winning of new contracts and growth of backlog that now stands over £16 million ($22 million) reflected in future revenues. The company saw dramatic growth in employees, rising from two in 2016 to 53 at the beginning of 2021.

Brian Allen, CEO and founder of Rovco, says, “2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for all of us in the energy industry. Yet, this performance is a testament to Rovco’s outstanding team who have really gone above and beyond to deliver great results and I’m honoured to be working alongside them. We have been lucky to have over 75% of our revenues coming from offshore wind, with this sector more than making up for any slowdown in oil & gas and decommissioning.”

He continues: “With Rovco now involved in almost 50% of the UK’s offshore wind farms we look forward to leading the way in delivering innovation, reducing risk, supporting smart asset development and bringing greater efficiencies to marine projects in 2021 using autonomous, subsea and aerial robotics. Our best is yet to come.”

Key technology milestones at Rovco during 2020 include a ‘world first’ – Rovco’s SubSLAM Live, a real-time intelligent data collection system that through 3D streaming technology allows customers to view live 3D point clouds on any device in the world with millimetric precision.

This allows onshore engineers to track progress from the comfort of their own offices. The solution is supported by Rovco’s proprietary software system Ocean Insight, which through fast machine learning retraining enables very efficient subsea asset inspection and analysis validation.

Formed in 2015, Rovco is changing the way offshore work is performed and is investing heavily in further research and development of autonomous robotics. The company has the resources and expertise to work across the globe, using cutting edge technology to drive time and cost-saving project efficiencies.

To find out more, check out Rovco’s website! Keep up with their latest news by giving them a follow on Twitter here: @RovcoSubsea.

Shona Wright

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