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Business Butler, an online business expert matching network, has seen demand for their services accelerate during the pandemic. As a result, the business is bringing forward its growth plans, as they seek to raise investment to meet the increased demand.

Swansea based Business Butler describes itself as the go-to location for startups and SME’s looking to grow. It’s an online platform that allows business owners to search for local, vetted experts when seeking to contract in professional advice or business support services.

The national platform encourages its users to buy local, by presenting users with experts sorted on geographical proximity. And now, Business Butler is focussing on its own growth!

Having only launched at the start of 2020, the network has grown its membership pool from 0 to over 60 by the close of last year and is on course to exceed 100 members by the end of January 2021. The increased demand has resulted in a number of new features to be launched ahead of schedule including a new website and a virtual office that will open in early February, allowing members to network, co-work and attend regular events, all of which will increase engagement for its members.

Business Butler currently operates in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol, but due to the incredible demand for its services, is bringing forward plans to launch across the UK’s top 20 cities with the likes of Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds among the first to be launched in 2021.

Facilitating Growth

To support this accelerated growth, and to service the growing demand for its offering, Business Butler is seeking investment to expand, through the Elevate investment network.

The investment will support additional staffing, resources and help to accelerate the roll-out process across the UK. Speaking on the whirlwind year, co-founder and Managing Director Bhupinder Sidhu says, “It has been said that the pandemic has bought about a decade of digitisation in just 9 months, and this development has certainly accelerated the demand for Business Butler.”

With a key focus on building local, business community based eco-systems, it is of little surprise that there has been such demand for the network’s offering during the pandemic.

Bhupinder adds, “At Business Butler, we pride ourselves on three core values; credibility, intimacy and reliability, values we think will grow ever more important as we emerge from the pandemic.”

However, it is not just the volume of demand that has caused the business to accelerate its growth plans, the quality of its offering has been significant too. Fellow Co-founder Jon Curtis adds “As of the end of 2020, we were able to show that 100% of the searches performed on Business Butler resulted in the procurement of a Business Butler expert.

“This does not only represent a great strike rate for the experts within our membership base, but it also demonstrates that the local eco-system is a reliable way of satisfying demand when seeking a business expert.”

It is an exciting year for the business network group, who plan further technological advancements including the use of an already developed chatbot services as part of its development roadmap.

Thanks to Business Butler for sharing your growth news with us! To find out more about their services, check out their website. You can also read more about their investment raise through the Elevate Investment Network.

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