Alongside this year’s Silicon Gorge: Spring Edition we’re publishing profiles of a few of the companies that have made it through to the heats. This week it’s the app seeking to improve the wellbeing of collective groups, Famli.

Here to answer our questions is Co-founder Benjamin Draper:

1. What does your company do?

We help families improve their overall health in a fun and simple way, through engaging wellbeing activities within a gamified mobile app experience.

2.  What problem are you trying to solve?

Mental, physical, and nutritional wellbeing are the cornerstones of life quality. However, many families struggle to implement healthy activities into their routine, with parents being busy and having many other responsibilities, as well as children usually finding healthy habits to be boring and uninteresting, and therefore do not engage.

Our solution offers families an effective tool to improve their wellbeing through intergenerational activities and gamification features – maximising engagement. We bring families together to focus on constructive activities that help them to exercise more, eat better and improve their mental health, all from one place. In turn, according to the user feedback received, our app better equips families to improve their overall health whilst navigating everyday life, as well as the added burdens brought about by the global pandemic.

3.  What makes your solution unique?

The market is saturated with health and fitness resources to help individuals lead healthier lifestyles; however, none target whole family units. Our mobile application differentiates itself by providing family specific activities covering all elements of wellbeing into one app: exercise, nutrition, and mental health, while engaging the family through gamification using animated avatars and reward systems – a combination that currently does not exist on the market.

Families are able to choose from three different wellbeing categories named after body parts: Body, Mouth and Mind. These include a variety of innovative and entertaining “Challenges” to help families exercise together, improve their nutrition, and also boost mental mood and family communication.

Each member of the family has their own animated character, enabling them to visualise the positive impact a healthier lifestyle is having on them. This means our users conveniently have a variety of health activities at their fingertips, all designed and presented in a way which maximises interest and willingness to engage, of both the children and parents.

4.  What are you most proud of so far?

We are most proud of the impact we are making on families’ lives. The feedback we have received so far is amazing and is what motivates us to keep providing and building upon this brilliant solution. Knowing we are helping to improve the health and happiness of young children and parents is the best feeling we could ask for. Below is just one example of the feedback we get:

“My kids and I absolutely love this app, especially the mind exercises right before bed. It helps us thoroughly think about the things and people in our lives that bring meaning to us daily. Thank you!”

5.  How much are you raising and what do you want to use investment for?

We are looking to raise £225,000 in SEIS and EIS funding which we already have advanced assurance for. The funds will be used for the following business activities over the course of 18 months, equating to a monthly burn rate of £12,500;

  • Salaries of both Co-founders, allowing them to dedicate their full-time efforts to the business (approx. £30k each)
  • Marketing the app to our specific audience, which we are continually refining. This will be through various mediums including parent social media influencers, content creation, and online ads (approx. £100k)
  • Building a Team such as hiring a software engineer to develop the mobile application (approx. £50k)
  • Mobile app and website hosting, most of which are direct costs so these are estimated based on sales and include; Google Firebase, Revenuecat, Squarespace (approx. £5k)
  • Obtaining Intellectual property through trademarks. This will be expanding our UK trademark on our logo to other foreign markets, as well as trademarking our unique avatars (approx. £10k)

6.  What tools/people/services/organisations helped you most?

We have been incredibly lucky in having a brilliant support network who have helped and advised us on our journey so far and will continue to do so and we progress. This is from people such as Giulia Pratico, Kim Brookes, Mark Corderoy, Anders Wikstrom, and organisations such as Innovate UK, UWE Launch Space and The Princes Trust.

7.  Where can we find out more about you?

More information about us and how our app can support families can be found on our website here.

We also have social media accounts including Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.