Could your tech business benefit from access to world-leading cloud infrastructure? Scaleway’s Startup Programs are providing businesses across the globe with the opportunity to leverage their expertise and resources for a 12-month period.

You can apply anytime for the programs, which offers 36000€ worth of cloud credit for you to power up your business offerings using Scaleway’s public cloud infrastructure combined with technical assistance, resources, advisory and advertising.

To learn more about Scaleway and to introduce them to the region, we caught up with Pascal Condamine, Head of Startup Programs at Scaleway. Summarising the company’s objectives, Pascal tells us, “Scaleway is the obvious scale partner that all developers, architects and business owners are looking for: in short, the cloud that makes sense. Scaleway, the leading alternative European infrastructure and platform-as-a-service provider (IaaS and PaaS), is catering to the global market with the essential mix of cloud computing resources that is flexible, cost-effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered.”

The team has extensive experience in the field, with the organisation running for over 20 years, thanks to angel investor Xavier Niel.

Helping startups achieve their potential

Pascal tells us, “Scaleway works with all types of businesses, from small and medium companies to corporates, startups, providing the infrastructures and services needed to operate and grow their business. Scaleway is also sector-agnostic, and works with companies in all sectors including marketing, artificial intelligence, ecommerce, SaaS, etc.”

Headshot of Joseph Bedminster CEO at in a purple circleThe team is keen to connect with businesses in the South West’s tech cluster, as Pascal explains, “Scaleway recognises Bristol & the wider South West as a hub for not just entrepreneurship, but tech scaleups specifically, and this is why we are forging relationships with entities ingrained in the ecosystem.

“Our cloud compute growth programs are best placed to provide support, one aimed at early-stage startups (6-month program), and the growth program (12 months) where consultancy, access and technical support are at the forefront to accelerate commercialisation and scaling goals for startups.”

Any startup is welcome to apply regardless of vertical. Scaleway is looking for applicants that see the Startup Programs as more than just a financial boost – they want startups who want to change the world and need their infrastructure to do it.

If your application is successful, you’ll get the opportunity to, “Pick any item from our simple, powerful and European public cloud infrastructure product range. Our technical engineers and experts are close by to help you ensure that your architecture remains robust and flexible. Your peers and partners are also part of our startup community. We will help you move forward with a community by your side that you can rely on.”

And don’t just take their word for it, Joseph Bedminster (pictured right), CEO at says, “We chose Scaleway as our cloud operator because of its commitment to infrastructure security, its environmental commitment, and its technical responsiveness. Our video conferencing client solution is more reliable, secure and environmentally friendly thanks to this partnership, which is part of our company’s long-term vision.” 

You can find more info here on how Scaleway can help your business.

The importance of sustainability

Putting sustainability into practice is no mean feat, but Scaleway is leading the way with pioneering systems to cut their emissions. Pascal explains how Scaleway has been able to put sustainability at the heart of what they do: “We are proud to have designed, built and to be operating the most sustainable data center in Europe. We manufacture our own servers, and design, build and manage our data centers.

“We control the entire value chain, which allows us to be free to set our own ambitious goals in terms of efficiency, performance and environmental footprint. Ever since we built our first data centre, we’ve been working to design an efficient system to make every facility more efficient and therefore more sustainable in order to offer our services at the right price for our clients.”

Scaleway is genuinely providing solutions to well-known environmental issues in the tech sector. Pascal says, “Because we’ve always challenged the status quo rather than building on normal, our data centres are unique in the world. Our latest data center uses a natural cooling system (no AC!) for a radically more efficient operation with nearly half the energy consumption.

“Having used 100% renewable energy in our data centers in 2019 and introduced natural cooling systems in our DC5 datacenter, we are the catalyst for renewable tech, firmly standing by the necessity for carbon-neutral alternatives to secure a place in the future.”

Next steps for Scaleway

When we asked what’s next in Scaleway’s journey, Pascal tells us, “A forward-thinking approach.

“Our approach is based on the fact that we are entering a phase of maturity which allows us to use the cloud’s fundamental components in an almost flippant, interchangeable way – compute, store, transfer. We often refer to utility computing or commodities. This is Scaleway’s differentiating factor, we are an alternative to AWS with the same S3 storage protocols, and an alternative to GCP with the same orchestration methodology through Kubernetes. We speak the same language as modern developers who don’t want to be locked-in with one Terraform or Ansible provider.”

For any inquiries regarding Scaleway’s products, you can contact them directly via their website, their Sales team will assist you in your smooth onboarding. If you would like to know more about their Startup Programs, please feel free to contact Scaleway at