Creative agencies have a wonderful talent in facilitating marketing that makes your business sing – and this particularly comes into play with tech focussed organisations.

There’s no doubt that having a striking marketing campaign and the digital capabilities to match can send your business to dizzy heights, and this is where hiring the right creative tech agency can be a true catalyst for success.

Whether you’re after a fresh new website, a complete rebrand, or are looking to outsource content creation, the South West has heaps of talent keen to help.

Check out some of the creative tech and digital agencies you should have your eye on.


Gravitywell is an award-winning digital agency based in Bristol – who recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The agency uses creativity and tech to guide businesses through digital transformation and help startups blossom and achieve their goals.

They value thinking beyond just a new website or app, instead, Gravitywell takes a holistic approach to your entire business. Gravitywell says, “We treat projects as collaborations with our clients and make sure they’re part of the process.

“Every project is different so we’ve built a set of tools and sub-processes that we employ efficiently for each situation. We believe in original thinking, clear communication and simple action. Working closely with you to inspire, guide, create and grow your ideas.”

The agency has a vast portfolio of successful projects, from working with We The Curious to transform its digital presence to pioneering intuitive learning within the world of EdTech for PlanetTeach. The team has also collected a handful of awards along the way, winning Best Digital Design at The SPARKies 2019, the CSS Design Awards Website of the Day, as well as being nominated for the Sandwich & FTG Business Development Award at the Sammies 2019 for their work with Adelie Foods.

If you’re interested in learning more about the team and their process, you can drop them a line anytime.


HdE AGENCY is a Bristol-based full service performance growth marketing agency at the heart of Europe’s fastest-growing digital technology cluster. Based at Engine Shed, the team works across a range of leading and emerging digital channels to help digital and tech businesses scale, growing their brand, their audience, and their profits.

The agency has grown 5 x the size during the past 18 months, whilst working across leading and emerging digital channels to help some of the biggest and most ambitious digi-tech businesses in the South West, as well as internationally, scale and accelerate growth goals.

HdE has recently been nominated for the Best Startup Award at the 2021 UK Digital Growth Awards. In particular, the panel of judges praised the work HdE has carried out with TechnologyOne, one of Australia’s largest enterprise software companies, who had big goals of driving its UK brand awareness.

Co-founder and CEO Ashley Wheeler says, “We’re behind those who give a damn and love businesses that take a stand and are determined to make a difference. These people want to do more; they want to fuel the businesses they believe in, they are ambitious and want to grow something special.”

Get in touch with the team today to find out how they can help your business grow.


Based in Bath, Kerve solves creative briefs, helping brands and agencies turn big ideas into mind-blowing realities.

Kerve says, “Over the years, we’ve built a unique team of super-talented people, with a massively diverse set of skills. We’re digital inventors, makers and producers, and with an eye for detail we create beautiful, seamless, high quality work.”

The team has worked with some big names. Some exciting projects include building a GPS-driven mobile scavenger hunt to give university freshers a chance to refresh their wardrobe with ASOS, creating Spotify’s first interactive advert which enables you and your friends to appear in your own version of the Titanic trailer and building the app that enables you to personalise the Marmite label.

Check out what Kerve has to say about nurturing creativity through innovation here.

Loom Digital

For over ten years, Bristol-based Loom has been transforming businesses with its award-winning integrated digital marketing.

Loom wants to help your business ensure all your channels work in harmony to enhance your digital marketing. Nowadays, digital marketing is about the whole user journey – it’s about how digital channels such as PPC & biddable media, SEO, social media, content marketing, and data & analytics come together to form a unified digital strategy, joining the dots across multiple touchpoints.

The team has picked up a handful of awards for their work across the years, including Best Use of Search at Wirehive 100’s 2017 awards and the Business Services Award at the Bristol Life Awards.

And the business continues to grow as they completed “Project Stitch” – the rollout of its structural and behavioural evolution.

Mr B & Friends

MrB & Friends covers everything brand strategy, brand identity, marketing communications, and brand culture.

The agency runs a brand accelerator programme with the objective to build bigger brands for smaller businesses by applying powerful ideas and strategies at a level that works for startups, sclaeups and SMEs. Bristol-based tech company, Sparkol, took part in the programme to refigure their brand positioning and identity, which resulted in a complete rebrand in under 8 weeks – check out what they did here!

Zoe Taylor MBE, CEO at Sparkol says, “Mr B & Friends helped us to get to the crux of what makes Sparkol special and translated that into a brilliant brand idea, visual identity and tone of voice that really stands out. We exist to help our users achieve surprise, delight and wonder, and the brand really brings that to life.”

Mr B & Friends prides themselves on delivering brand expertise with a concept they call ‘NAN’ – No Added Nonesense. If this sounds up your street, make sure to get in touch. 


Based in Bath, Mud is a web design agency. The team specialises in making great websites, investing time to find out what your customers really want from you and bringing it to life online.

Mud has recently built a website for Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden. The website was to provide valuable technical information for people already using the facilities, and a showcase of all of the fantastic productions that have passed through the gates. Their other work includes helping the Environmental Justice Foundation use powerful stories to promote positive action and ensuring SearchStar engages digital marketers.

To find out more about their projects on their website here.


Bath-based Rocketmakers is a Queens Award winning software development agency. They design, develop and deliver innovative software for companies across all sectors that are working to have a positive impact on the planet and people.

Since 2007 Rocketmakers has been developing software and design solutions for companies large and small, building visual identities for a whole range of apps and businesses. Recently they collaborated on a project to create an app for the Bath Boules event, which includes a baguette scrollbar and a snazzy interpretation of their existing brand.

Bath Creative Agency Rocketmakers office, the rocketmakers logo is imprinted on the floor and a large rocketshape workspace is in plain view.

Having worked with more than 45 early-stage startups, helping many to develop their brand identity ready for implementation in their software, and marketing sites. Their approach to design goes beyond surface level, with an in-house UX team to test client hypotheses through user research and prototyping, accelerating time to market, and reducing costs by ensuring functionality before implementation.

One of the regions top scaleups, their design work doesn’t stop at branding and user interface though, the majority of our clients will also utilise our in-house user experience team to test their hypotheses through user research and prototypes (paper and clickable) thereby accelerating time to market and often minimising the overall cost by ensuring we don’t start to commit to code before we know what functionality is central to the project.


Somo is a digital product agency, set to deliver your ambitions at pace and scale.

The agency works with a range of businesses, from. some of the world’s most well-known brands to exciting startups to create innovative and. award-winning experiences

Some examples of their work includes redefining how consumers engage online to create a radical differentiation for Audi UK and transforming e-on into a digital-first business.

For three consecutive years, Somo has topped Campaign Best Places to Work rankings, taking the #1 spot in this year’s medium-sized businesses category.

Nick Hynes, CEO at Somo says, “The pandemic has rapidly shifted the working norm, transforming people’s attitudes and comfort levels – and feeding into how they want to work moving forward.

“It’s something we took to heart this past year, redefining our cultural initiatives and the benefits package to suit the new working reality and the dreary impact of COVID-19. It allowed us to challenge the norm, challenge our processes and keep lean to bring the best outcomes for our clients, our business, and our people.”

Storm Consultancy

Storm is a digital technology agency that works with startups, scaleups and corporate innovators to design and build world-class web apps, digital platforms and websites.

The team has worked with CiteAb – a data provider for researchers and life-science companies, and the world’s largest antibody search engine – helping the team through investment as well as an embedded tech partner helping CiteAb to grow. They created a simple, easy to use search engine that made it easy to quickly research antibodies and to give users the power to access these antibodies in a way that had never previously existed in such a streamlined capacity. Every page of the site was optimised for all screen sizes so it looks and works seamlessly on any device.

Storm has also created a fresh new website for Engine Shed to modernise their existing online presence and reflect their innovative values.

The team took home the Best Digital Design Award at The SPARKies 2020 and at The SPARKies 2018 as well as being finalists in this year’s Bath Life Awards.


Formerly Haio, Unfold helps startups and scaleups accelerate their business by simplifying their user experience and creating digital products.

The company recently rebranded to create a fresh platform and a clearer market positioning to continue growing alongside its clients scaling businesses.

Unfold’s mission is to empower and propel entrepreneurs and their businesses to the next level. They’re also making their expertise from across the team more accessible, offering free, no obligation 1 hour consultancy sessions with a product or technical lead, to help talk through some of the challenges you might be facing. You can book a call any time through their website.

Unfold has an impressive portfolio of work you can check out here. The new website also has a fantastic new Resources Hub, dedicated to entirely free articles and reports on everything in the startup ecosystem, with the aim to share their knowledge and break down barriers in understanding regarding tech development, startup success and digital platform scaling.

You can read more about their ideas on how simplicity is a disruptive strategy for scaleups, and the investment advice they curated from talking to those who have a track record of success.

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