What a month! More than £90 million pounds has been raised between 20 South West companies since the start of June. Often with such a big total, you would expect that one company had scooped the vast majority but this month it is particularly pleasing that nine of those companies raised £1 million or more. If you aren’t a regular reader, you might be interested to know that I write a quick investment update from an equity perspective at the end of each month – I’ve been doing it since the start of 2020 and this is by far one of our most bountiful and well-distributed months!

So who are these companies you may ask, and where are they? Well six of the 20 are in Bristol, three in Cornwall, a couple in South Gloucestershire and a couple more in Swindon and Wiltshire. The remaining seven are scattered across the South West of England from Cheltenham to Bournemouth and much more between. In terms of sectors, there’s a pretty broad spread – fintech, cyber, FMCG, media, minerals, petfood and a couple of greentech companies too. 

Of the 20 companies, half have disclosed their raise publicly and you might have heard me mention a few of them at the recent Quarterly Investment Briefing. For those of you that missed that event, here’s a quick run-down:

With so many successful raises across the South West in the month of June, I hope we’re set for a pretty exciting second half of the year. If you’re an angel or VC investor and you’d like to be connected with companies like these, raising equity funds, do get in touch – our details are below. 

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