Founded at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Stratiphy is a SETsquared-backed startup which is crowdfunding to democratise personalised investment strategies.

The Silicon Gorge finalists kicked off their crowdfunding campaign with a flying start as co-founders Daniel Gold and Nikki Hawkes celebrated raising over their £200k target in less than 2 hours after launching the crowdfunding campaign to the public! There’s still time to become an investor in Straiphy and show your support as the raise closes 10th September.

Nikki (pictured below) tells us, “Raising money through crowdfunding is both terrifying and thrilling. It’s been so valuable to help us grow a community of early adopters and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the raise.”

You can read more about Stratiphy’s beginnings and investment journey here. If you’re a founder looking to raise, make sure to apply for the Silicon Gorge Autumn Edition here.

Accessible investing

Back in 2020, Daniel and Nikki set out to work on their belief that investing like the 1% shouldn’t require a financial advisor or high net worth status.

They are working to democratise access to the tools used in investment banks through their startup, Stratiphy. Simply put, it works as a personalised strategy builder, taking into account risk, industry preferences and sustainability criteria, providing tailored buy and sell signals to the user.

“Globally, there is a focus on sustainable investing, and while we have access to ESG ratings online, there is little explanation on how to use them to make your investments sustainable, and that is what Stratiphy aims to solve,” says Nikki.

Commission free trading is rising, but at what risk?

Originally, Daniel built Stratiphy out of the need to solve a problem for himself. He didn’t want to invest in listed securities via ETFs without having a say in what was in them, but doing the research into each individual stock was too time consuming.

“The rise in commission free trading is amazing for giving people access to the stock market. But it also means individuals are likely to take on more risk if they’re not doing proper research,” says Daniel.

After sharing the first implementation with several of his peers in the banking industry, Daniel received an overwhelming response that people had been looking for a product like this in the market, and the product saved time and effort for their personal investments.

In light of the Game Stop saga, it’s become more important than ever for beginner investors to take on an appropriate level of risk. Instead of paying a financial advisor or spending hours doing research, Stratiphy is offering an alternative to get personalized guidance.

Nikki explains that the robo-advisory sector is expected to continue growing 35% year on year, until 2025. There are more young investors than ever before, but there are still roadblocks to manual trading.

“Ask anyone who has done this manually and they will tell you about the long nights spent staring at the screen looking for an entry/exit. We saw an opportunity to create a strategy builder that gave personalised guidance — right from sustainable investments to fast growing industries that each individual wants to invest in,” explains Nikki.

They’re growing fast, and you can invest in their future

The team began making a no-code investment strategy app in September 2020. After being backed by the SETsquared Accelerator, StartupBoost UK by Techstars, the HKSTP Global Acceleration Academy, and attending Rise London sessions led by Barclays they released an initial version to invited users in March 2021.

Nikki and Daniel (pictured below) are focussed foremost on building the right team containing a mix of talent that is able to take the business forward. They have been joined by experts advisors from industry to help meet that goal: Kathy Griffin, Director of Compliance at Monzo Bank, Louise Wilson, founder of Abundance investment platform, and Andrew Mulvenna, CoFounder of Brightpearl.

They have an exciting pipeline planned for the app, including live in-app trading, adding social features to create a community where users can leverage off collective experience and ultimately introducing new asset classes and markets to the offer. They now want to give everyone a chance to invest in the future of the business, by doing an equity crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube.

To get involved join their growing community on Discord, follow on TikTok and visit their website to invest in the future of sustainable trading today.