At TechSPARK, September is officially Talent Month. In partnership with our friends at Huboo Technologies, the award-winning order fulfilment service for eCommerce sellers, we’ll be bringing you features and events on all things tech talent in the South West. 

TechSPARK is a passionate not-for-profit tech network working to inspire and energise the tech hotspot within the region. As part of our organisation, we partner with companies to celebrate and support those who are looking to hire and grow within the West of England. 

There are a few ways that TechSPARK can improve your talent pool – here is a breakdown of how our network can help you:

1. Raise your profile

Tech teams are great at doing interesting things but not always great at shouting about it. We can help you share your story through social media, press releases and video content whilst also getting it in front of the right people. 

Spreading the word about what you are up to – whether that’s raising millions in investment rounds or developing groundbreaking software to save the planet – increases the interest in talented applicants. 

Shouting about who you are as a company to the right audience can help increase your coverage and widen your talent pool. Simply sharing your scaleup journey to give advice to budding entrepreneurs or offering top tips on cultivating a healthy company culture can attract top tech talent.

We can also help you stand out from the crowd. Our tech cluster is a competitive environment that attracts a lot of attention, but we can help you to define your USP and share your best stories to draw the appropriate audience in.

The more time and effort applied to the right activities, in the right proportion, the more quickly results will be achieved.

2. Introductions

Everyone knows everyone round ‘ere. It’s true what they say about the West, and at TechSPARK we truly value how connected our community is. 

As one of the largest tech networks in the UK, we pride ourselves on being able to make valuable introductions. We can work alongside you to help pinpoint any problems and try and solve them through different activities and expertise. 

With in-person events returning, such as The SPARKies 2021, and tech festival season upon us, we can help facilitate connections to help grow your business and help you craft a network that can support you. 

3. Job boards

We’ve had great results from our jobs board as it’s specifically targeted to those tech minds; especially when it’s paired with our profile raising efforts! If we know about the roles you are advertising, we can talk about it. 

We have 35,000 active users on our website, over 3,000 subscribers to our newsletter and over 11,000 followers across our social media channels. 

With a targeted audience of tech-minded people in the West, the word really spreads. 

4. Talent on the ground

College, University, Incubators and Bootcamps – the South West dedicates copious resources to closing our skills gap.

We have world-class universities across the West of England with specific courses to grow the right talent who are armed with the best tools. Our award-winning incubation hubs, such as SETsquared, also bring in a level of expertise and tech-specific knowledge straight into your company. 

Initiatives such as our recent digital marketing bootcamp in Bath and games design bootcamp in Bristol also gives companies the chance to influence the curriculum and work with new talent.

5. SHIFT Speaker Database

we are officially launching our SHIFT Speaker Database in October 2021, designed to help companies discover talented speakers for events from diverse backgrounds. 

The SHIFT Speaker Database aims to highlight the diversity of tech and digital public speakers in the South West, as well as offer support for those new to the sector and region. Our focus is on facilitating platforms for underrepresented voices in tech and digital.

By creating this platform, we hope to facilitate new connections whilst providing event coordinators with a valuable resource of keen public speakers.

At TechSPARK, we hope we can help to widen your company’s talent pools, continuing the growth of our amazing tech sector and building on our already thriving ecosystem of talent.

If you’d like to work with us, please do reach out at