Based in Cheltenham, CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) began as a modest meetup networking group in 2015, for members of the region’s cyber security community. In a short space of time, CyNam’s popularity grew dramatically, and today it hosts regular events with hundreds of attendees.

Now more than 900 members strong, CyNam provides a valuable, Cheltenham-centric platform that connects the best cyber technology minds and local SMEs and start-ups to support from people, expertise, guidance, funding, and new business.

CyNam is hosting their final live showcase of the year, “CyNam 21.3-Keeping the Lights on: Building Resilience into our Critical National Infrastructure”, on 21st October 2021. The line up brings together cyber experts from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), CGI, Sopra Steria, Deloitte, DeMontford University, University of Bristol, Reef Group, Hub8, Plexal, Microfocus and CACI to explore how the industry is taking steps to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, CyNam 21.3 marks the organisation’s first-ever hybrid event, with a physical venue to be announced soon.

The House of Commons Committees’ recognises that there is a real possibility of a major cyberattack targeting the UK and it is considered a top-tier threat to the country. As a result, the event will explore how cyber innovation can protect the assets that allow our daily lives to continue as normal. CyNam 21.3 will make this insight accessible for all, including students, academics, those working in critical national infrastructure and anyone with an interest in cyber security.


Alongside the current lineup, attendees can expect the biggest names in cyber security, with previous events featuring IBM, Microsoft and Ladies of Cheltenham Hacking Society. The last CyNam event in June 2021 saw over 1,000 attendees tuning in from across the globe, making it the organisation’s most successful conference to date.

Richard Yorke, Director at CyNam, says,  “Critical National Infrastructure and cyber security have become more entwined in recent times with hackers now able to bring down national economies and emergency services. In order for the UK to retain its position as a leader in cyber security, we must do more to improve our cyber resilience to prevent a major incident from occurring. Our latest event will help attendees to understand the role that we all have in making sure that our services and people remain safe from harm.

Registration for the October showcase is now open, with the two-hour conference taking place from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm BST. The cyber cluster allows organisations to network, innovate and collaborate, with the aim to make Cheltenham the cyber hub of the UK. Find out more about CyNam now

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