To round off Industry 4.0 Month at TechSPARK, meet Atmo Tech in this week’s Startup for 10.

Experts in IoT and data visualisation, Atmo use the latest tech in air quality sensing to create safer working environments. Since 2016 the team of 12 has been harnessing the power of Industry 4.0 to push the boundaries of environmental data. 

Here to answer our 10 questions today is CEO and co-founder, Guy Barkley.

1 – In your own words – what do you do?

Air quality for Industry:

  • Save lives
  • Reduce emissions
  • Maximise asset performance

2 – What’s the most exciting thing about what you’re doing?

Identifying the root causes of airborne pollutants for some of the biggest and most complex sites in the world and helping them reduce to exposure to staff and emissions off-site (whilst usually finding some efficiency gains along the way!).

3 – What are you most proud of so far?

Our team and company culture. Whilst growing rapidly, it’s important to create and maintain the right working environment for employees.

4 – What have you found most difficult about being a startup?

It takes time to build credibility and a reputation for high quality work – and personally, for founders, startups usually entail a spartan existence until you have established a solid client base.

5 – What would you do differently if you started now?

My advice would be to: think long-term and in terms of the ‘pillars’ of your company (team, product, clients, investment, etc). Your job as a founder is to create solid foundations for all of these key pillars, upon which your team of awesome people can build something great.

6 – Where do you think you’ll be in 12 months?

On more large sites.

7 – What tools/people/services/organisations from the cluster have helped you most?

SETsquared in the South West has been very useful from day one.

8 – What’s the best thing about the Bristol & Bath tech cluster?

It’s a hub and focal point for high quality mentors, investors as well as wider support

9 – Who will you be nominating for a SPARKie next year?

We have a few friends over at McMurtry Automotive, and they’ve been doing some pretty mad and awesome stuff!

10 – Where can we find out more about you?