December marks The Future of Tech month for us at TechSPARK, so keep an eye out for features reflecting on the past year in tech and how we can use that to create an even more innovative 2022.

Fittingly,  Go See TV and The Royal Television Society West of England are hosting an event examining the Future of Television at the Watershed Tuesday 7 December 

At FAST – TV 2.0 – The Future of Television there will be a discussion on where the world of television is migrating to and how the internet has disrupted the broadcast and content world; the team is inviting you to join for an in-depth discussion on the future of ad-supported TV.

The panel includes Sylvain Thevenot – Managing Director of Netgem; Jonathan Collins – Vice President of Digital Distribution, Imagicomm Entertainment and Emmanuel Ogidan – Commercial Director at Freewheel (a Comcast company). There will be supporting interviews from industry executives from the content, advertising and technology world, offering key insights into the future of television. They will look at the new distribution, monetization, and funding models from the movers and shakers in the media world. 

FAST - TV 2.0

Has the sheer availability of content and the fragmented delivery made it more difficult for brands to engage with viewers? 

Tuesday 7 December @ The Watershed

The FAST – TV 2.0 format will include a round table where each panelist will have a few minutes to speak about how the internet has changed television forever. They’ll address the benefits and challenges that the internet brings to content delivery and consumption.

To give you even more of a teaser, some of the questions that will be posed to the panel include: Have the incumbent behemoths like Netflix, Amazon and Disney changed the media landscape forever? Is ad-supported linear TV dead or just transforming? Has the sheer availability of content and the fragmented delivery made it more difficult for brands to engage with viewers? What is the answer to these challenging questions? Can technology offer a solution?

Join live from Bristol on the 7th of December at 19:00 for FAST – TV 2.0. followed by a live Q&A. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Future of Television!

Shona Wright

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