Renowned Bristol-based augmented and virtual reality specialists, Zubr, have teamed up with Upfest to bring you an exciting display of immersive innovation this Easter. Zubr will be utilising their cutting-edge technology and creativity to bring the iconic Six Sisters mural series to life, in an initiative supported by the West of England Combined Authority.

With Zubr’s augmented reality creation, you can see the mural that brought together six of Bristol’s leading female street artists to create what has become a new landmark in the city’s graffiti scene, in a whole new light.

You can enjoy the artistry through a filter created by Zubr, which can be accessed from Upfest’s Instagram. Through your phone, augmented reality will create the illusion of eye-popping 3D content existing in the real world. Creating that link between painting and performance, this augmentation will offer an engaging experience to its users.

The convergence of art and tech

With the announcement of the project’s completion coinciding with International Women’s Day in 2021, these signature pieces on North Street in Bedminster will contribute to the already acclaimed graffiti scene in South Bristol, elevating the pieces to a whole new level. 

Co-founder of Upfest, Stephen Hayles, tells us, “We’re so proud of the murals that these talented artists have created. It was such an incredible moment to see the final piece finished and to be able to bring a new life and new audiences to come and witness this is just a brilliant thing.”

Graphic Designer, Miriam Lamnabhi, says, “I have really enjoyed working on this project. Bringing the Bristol Street Art scene closer to residents and tourists through technology has been a lovely and rewarding experience and we’re very proud of the results!”

The works of Bex Glover, Lucas Antics, Zoe Power, Gemma Compton, Sophie Long and Ejits are a culmination of creativity, talent, and imagination where you can expect to see foxes jumping, oodles of poodles running around and bumble bees in a beacon of bold colours transforming before your very own eyes.

This project has been funded by WECA through the Creative Business Grant which was created to support business recovery, creatives and engage local communities. The AR filters are available through Upfest’s Instagram or simply head to their website to get details of how they work.

For the ultimate street art experience and chance to view the augmented reality, Upfest runs a series of Street Art Tours where you can learn all about the artists behind your favourite Bristol murals which you can book through Yuup – the local experience’s platform that has recently celebrated a successful crowdfunding round

To support the 15th Upfest festival on the 28th-29th head to their crowdfunding page and get rewarded for your donations.