Thanks to Katherine Luckwell, Strategic Account Director at Apogee, for this guest blog on how you can take the right steps to make your startup a scaleup.

Here are a couple of scenarios to consider where we can help make your life easier…

On boarding employees – A positive experience is vital to secure employees beyond the typically short time span where you’ve spent time and money investing in them, and having to do this all over again.  We can create a workflow from your web advert; diarising interviews, issuing successful/rejection letters, through to working with critical information from their CV to manage probation, development, milestones, training, pay increments, etc. How about providing laptops preloaded with company image and delivered directly without utilising valuable CapEx as leased?

Printing – We can provide your home/office based employees with a portal so that print is centralised and avoids the cost of buying printers; we take away the need for you to buy paper, envelopes, ink and postage and do this all for you, all for the price of a 2nd class stamp! We can also manage ad hoc mail or large marketing campaigns; marketing material/brochures etc. can be designed using our in-house team and fulfilled if required.

Back office processes – When you’re starting your business and scaling up, it’s invaluable to get your ducks in order from the outset. This way, when paperwork increases (inbound and outbound) you already have this automated so business continues as normal and the workflow just ticks along, just more of it. We can create workflows that:

  • Automate invoice capture for accounting packages – uploads multiple invoices in seconds 
  • Dedicated workflows for each department; design, sales, manufacturing, HR, etc.
  • Document lifecycle management e.g. retention policies and GDPR
  • 360º document visibility – provides an audit of who has ‘viewed’, ‘printed’, ‘edited’ etc.
  • Ensure the latest version can be ‘printed’ & previous versions ‘read only’
  • Secure UK cloud-hosted solution to enable access to any internet enabled device
  • Easily scalable as it’s based on the number of users, all of the above in one single platform

Post – If you haven’t yet set up an office space and have your employees working all over the place, it can create confusion as to where to send post. However, you can redirect your Royal Mail post to our secure PO Box; we scan all mail and attachments and upload for you to access from anywhere. 

As an independent subsidiary of HP Inc, Apogee has access to the latest innovative technology, combined with our award-winning service delivery model, we are helping organisations on their digital journey, driving business and employee efficiencies.


Katherine Luckwell, Strategic Account Director at Apogee

Providing peace of mind to organisations, is a primary objective for both Katherine and Apogee. They work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, understanding the technology and processes they use every day and help to identify ways to streamline, automate and optimise the way they work.

Your digital journey is a place Apogee can add value with the provision of technology, services, and support, so you can focus on your core business needs. Their focus is to provide secure and flexible workplace services to all organisations, taking the innovative technology from their owner, HP Inc., and combining that with their market-leading client support to deliver the ultimate experience.

As a startup business, there are plenty of things to think about as time becomes more valuable than ever before. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate and manage some of your back office processes and admin so that you can have your weekends and evenings back? Regaining some of those valuable hours to focus on your core business activities to reach your goals and strategies isn’t as hard as you may think.

With a wide range of innovative workflow technologies available, a few simple changes could make a big difference to both your business and your employees. For example, providing secure access to your documents from anywhere, or having both your inbound and outbound physical mail managed offsite and automatically digitised into an accessible centralised system.

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