Boardroom Advisors has been officially authorised as an Endorsing Body for the UK government’s Startup Visa Scheme. This is the second Visa the home office has authorised Boardroom Advisors to be an Endorsing Body for, after the Innovator Visa. 

This article will explain what a Startup Visa is, what an Endorsing Body does and why it is essential to a Startup Visa application.

What is the Startup Visa? 

A Startup Visa is a new initiative from the UK Government that offers the opportunity for enterprising business people to move to the UK for two years in order to start a business. 

It’s a win-win for both the government and the applicant as the UK wants the best and brightest businesses operating in its market and it’s an opportunity for the applicant to start their business’s journey in the UK. 

With the visa, you can travel to and from the UK as well as work another job other than your business. 

Important to know:

The Startup Visa only lasts for 2 years and cannot be renewed so if you wanted to stay in the UK you would have to apply for another visa such as the Innovator Visa

You need to prove you are financially stable enough to support yourself while you live in the UK. This is proven by your bank statement showing you have at least £1270 in your account for at least 28 days prior to the application. 

What is an endorsing body? 

An Endorsing Body is an already established business in the UK that has been chosen by the Government to act as support for the successful Startup Visa applicants. They will decide which Startup Visas have the most potential and offer their backing for the best applications. 

This system works because established businesses are best placed to judge what new businesses have the best chance of succeeding in the UK.

Boardroom Advisors is a highly successful company that offers expert mentoring and advisorship to businesses across the UK. It’s Boardroom Advisors’ business to help and grow your business and this makes them the perfect Endorsing Body. 

Once the Startup Visa applicant has been successful and moved to the UK then the Endorsing Body will meet the applicant every 6 months for their Visa Programme which revolves around a series of strategic reviews. 

These reviews are to give the applicant’s business the best chance of growing and achieving sustainability in the UK.

Why is an Endorsing Body essential to your Startup Visa application? 

Having an Endorsing Body’s support is essential and adds huge weight to your application. It proves that you have the backing of a successful company that believes you, in turn, can start a prosperous business in the UK.

Boardroom Advisors has a 100% success rate for applicants that have had them as Endorsing Bodies for the Innovator Visa. This not only shows that Boardroom Advisors have a great eye for spotting potential in business ideas.

Having an Endorsing Body is also crucial for life after the success of your application. This is because they will offer you support and their expertise to give your business the best chances of succeeding in its first 2 years. 

To sum up:

If you’re looking to apply for a Startup Visa then you’re going to need an Endorsing Body. 

Boardroom Advisors have just been authorised by the Home Office as an Endorsing Body and following their 100% success with their Innovator Visa applicants, they may be perfect for your Startup Visa. 

Get in touch with Boardroom Advisors to start a dialogue about their role as an Endorsing Body and begin your new business adventure today.

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