Bristol-based Metaverse 3D live streaming company, Condense, and the UK’s number one ranked startup investor, LocalGlobe, have joined forces with Access Creative College to launch a brand new Metaverse scholarship programme.

The fully-funded 12-week scholarships aim to get more diverse talent from Bristol into the tech industry – as well as the booming metaverse sector, which is predicted to grow to over £1.3 billion by 2030. Applications are open until December 16th; you can submit yours here. 

Creating accessible pathways into immersive tech

Bristol’s tech industry is booming, gaining global recognition in recent years for games development, deep tech, and more recently metaverse infrastructure, party thanks to Condense’s groundbreaking contribution. With this growth, the company recognises as a community we need to ensure no one gets left behind. 

The programme is fully-funded by Condense and LocalGlobe and will give 8 young creatives from Bristol hands-on training with leading-edge metaverse technology, a chance to create truly world-first content–and a much needed break in the tech industry.

Tech is a fast-moving industry, filled with a variety of career paths, roles, and areas of specialism. However, it’s widely recognised that the UK tech industry lacks diversity – something the scholarship programme is set up to address.

The need for the programme is clear. Research by Tech Nation found that while 50% of workers in the UK are women, in the UK tech industry, it’s half that, at 26%. Compared nationally, Bristol is lagging behind with only 13% of tech workers being female. Looking at BAME representation, 13% of the UK population are from a BAME background, but according to research by Colourintech make up only 4% of the tech workforce.

“Please apply regardless of your academic background or qualifications and don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel you fit all the criteria”

Excited to be taking part in this venture, Condense’s CEO and co-founder Nick Fellingham tells us, “The Bristol scene has long been a world-renowned melting pot of different cultures and music and, in the last few years, it’s become a hub for games development too. Now Condense is putting Bristol on the global map once again for metaverse infrastructure and the world’s first metaverse live streaming studio. We’re excited to give young talent from Bristol cutting-edge skills and career-accelerating experiences, and in one of its fastest growing sectors – the metaverse.

The Condense team recently celebrated securing an astonishing $4.5m investment round, partly in aid to open the world’s first metaverse studio at the Watershed.

With Condense, broadcasting live in three-dimensions to the metaverse is as natural and easy as performing in front of a conventional camera, with no need for green screens or post-production, allowing for an immediate connection with the audience in real-time. But it’s better to show you this – check out the video of Grove performing live, captured and streamed by Condense in Video 3.0 (to the right)

Apply now for the metaverse scholarship

For a few more details, the 12 week Metaverse scholarship programme will cover:

  • Digital Graphics – 3D modelling, photogrammetry and textures
  • Realtime VFX – Plugin integration, in game/ venue scaling and enhancing virtual worlds
  • Enriching virtual worlds – Interactions, spatial sound, player movement and networking basics

Participants will receive:

  • College accreditation and a certificate
  • Hands-on experience with some of the latest technologies and techniques
  • Real world industry skills to support the next step in your career
  • Exposure to local employers
  • £1500 bursary paid in three instalments of £500 depending on learner performance
  • The potential to get a job at Condense

James Tong, Head of People at Condense, had this message for young people in Bristol who would like a career in tech but worry they don’t have the “right” background:

“Please apply regardless of your academic background or qualifications and don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel you fit all the criteria. While everyone has a story to tell, not everyone has the same opportunities in life. This is an incredible opportunity to carve out a career in engineering and metaverse content creation. It’s a fully-funded intensive course, so you will meet other people with similar interests and ambitions, and it could even lead to a permanent job with Condense.”