Save the date as Bristol Technology Festival is excited to announce the High Integrity Software (HIS) conference 2022 will be making its physical comeback on Tuesday 11th October.

Taking place at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, the conference is set to be a fun and engaging experience for all within the industry. If you’re keen to get involved, both delegates and exhibitors alike can now register for the conference here.

HIS has been a key event for software engineering practitioners since 2014, co-organised and sponsored by Capgemini Engineering and AdaCore. Since 2014 HIS has continued to grow exponentially; its success remains a testament to why industrial and academic specialists across sectors congregate annually for the event. After two years of connecting remotely, the team is super excited to be bringing people together in a physical space once again. In its physical hiatus, the team has been able to expand the exhibition area, giving attendees the opportunity to network with even more organisations.

Modern-day National Infrastructure Programs

This year, the core theme is modern-day national infrastructure programs, which are often comprised of critical software-intensive systems. The aim is to understand how early decisions around cyber-physical system architectures and adopting effective software development lifecycles and verification techniques will later impact defect rates and maintainability. However, the challenge for such large-scale and long-term systems is multi-faceted. Therefore, the conference will also consider broader issues within the software development ecosystem, such as sustainable supply chains and talent streams.

The mission of the High Integrity Software conference is to share challenges, best practices, and experiences between software engineering practitioners. The conference will feature various talks from industrial and academic specialists, which disseminate experience and knowledge of important techniques and methods that are applicable across industry sectors.

It will be a full day of presentations with a double-tracked agenda, plenty of networking opportunities and an exhibition, featuring the following companies: AdaCore, Ansys, Capgemini Engineering, DDC-I, Harmonic Software Systems, LDRA, Phixos, Rapita, RTI, Safety-Critical Systems Club, SDC Systems, SYSGO, TEKTowr, TrustinSoft, Vector, Wind River and more.

Some exciting keynotes include:

  • Product Lines and Software Ecosystem: from customization to configuration – Jan Bosch, Professor of Software Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology
  • Have we a Human Ecosystem? – James Davenport, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Bath

There is a plethora of other sessions and speakers ti see and interact with on the day, including:

  • Challenges of software at scale – Jiani Zhang, Chief Software Officer, Capgemini Engineering
  • Rust and the coming age of high integrity languages – Florian Gilcher, Managing Director, Ferrous Systems GmbH
  • Digital Security by Design (DSbD) – John Goodacre, Challenge Director, UK Research and Innovation
  • Micro-Architectural Challenges in High-Assurance Cryptography – François Dupressoir, Senior Lecturer in Cryptography, University of Bristol
  • Developing Future High Integrity Processing Solutions – Dave Sanders, Associate Fellow – Complex Electronic Hardware, Rolls-Royce

If this all sounds up your street, you can find further information and get yourself a place at the conference here.