Bristol-based startup, Propflo, has announced that it is raising a £750k round to power the next phase of its product development and growth plans. It will use the investment to make a number of its consumer based features available to estate agents, mortgage professionals and other stakeholders involved in property transactions and ongoing management to increase efficiency.

The team is also developing features to help people in the current economic climate:

🌲 Green home investment calculator* – a tool that takes into account wider benefits to help people decide the best energy efficient upgrades for their home. *This feature has received funding from the West of England Business Innovation Fund.

💷 Mortgage-ability – Speed up transactions by seeing how many and which lenders will lend against your property. Developed in partnership with Knowledge Bank.

The platform, which includes an ‘Experian-like’ property score, gives people control of their property data (their homes ‘digital twin’) to better understand risks, protect value and transact instantly.

Homeowners can confirm and add context to public information, as well as get buyer and sustainability insights. The property document vault, buyer and seller nurturing, and the property score will be the first tools offered to property and mortgage businesses.

The team will be particularly looking for strategic investors with networks or commercial links to businesses that could utilise its productivity tools, and that complement their existing networks.

Commenting on the raise, Co-founder and CEO Luke Loveridge tells us, “We’ve made such great progress over the last year. We’ve made huge strides in developing and refining the platform whilst working with early users and partners. This funding will help us build on what we’ve learnt to start scaling. It’s not just about funding though. We’re looking for the right strategic investors who ‘get it’, see potential, and want to join us on our journey.”

Co-founder and Cheif Data Scientist, Daniel Moyo, echos this sentiment and can’t wait to enter the next phase in Propflo’s journey: “We’ve created the foundations of something that could transform how we transact and manage property. This funding will enable us to now focus on building out our B2B offering whilst going deeper on our data and machine learning road map.”

Lead Investor, Ying Tan, agrees with Daniel and is anticipating big things to come for the startup: “I’ve been impressed with Luke, Daniel and the team since I invested, and really pleased at the progress Propflo has made. With a revolutionary product which will disrupt the marketplace, this funding will accelerate the next phase of growth. I’m also really excited by the cross collaboration with my other recent investments to produce market first products.”