Bristol Technology Festival (BTF) is well and truly underway – after an amazing first two days, we can’t wait for what’s still in store. As People Day marks a halfway point in the festival, you can take a look at our top picks for the day here.

Next up is Play Day, sponsored by Henry Nicholas. Play Day will be looking towards our exciting gaming and creative cluster, showcasing projects and technologies from the VR/AR/MR and Create-Tech industry. This day will focus on the convergence of technology, gaming and our creative sector.

Take a look at our selection of top picks for Play Day at BTF!

9:00-10:30 - Destroy your project before it even begins

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to evolve and innovate to stay ahead. Yet with tight budgets and deadlines or a lack of in house skills, it can be challenging to properly consider every out come of a decision. By implementing frameworks to your decision making , you can assess whether your decision will maximise the ROI or you should discard the idea and focus your efforts elsewhere.

Join AND Digital’s Agile Coaches as they show you how to assess your projects to determine whether they are really worth following through. Taking you through a diverse range of frameworks and tools that can support rigorous judgement and evaluation, they’ll show you how to cultivate a resilient mindset where critique becomes a foundation for better solutions and, ultimately, success.

This session is for decision makers working in business who want to make quicker, more informed decisions to accelerate their growth.

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10:00-16:00 - A hands-on, collaborative and fun workshop

During Hippo Digital’s workshop, you will be introduced to a user-centred approach to designing products and services. You will learn far more from putting this into practice straight away, so the session is hands-on, collaborative and pretty fun too!

You will learn how to frame the problem, understand journey mapping, use storyboarding, learn how to prototype and be introduced to user research.


  • Learning the fundamentals of user-centred design
  • Collaborating and networking with participants from various backgrounds and contexts
  • Meeting and discussing your design challenges with our expert facilitators
  • Getting access to tools and methods that you can take away and use
  • Have fun and get creative!
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10:30-11:30 - Innovation for Creatives: Funding the big Idea

Confidence in consumer spending is a fundamental driver behind the creative economy, which relies heavily on the disposable income of households.

As the cost of living crisis intensifies, creative sector businesses will need to explore new cashflow and grant funding options, commercialise innovations and internationalise their offerings.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how Innovate UK EDGE’s game changing growth support can help you meet these challenges, and provide the inside track on Innovate UK’s new creative sector grant competitions.

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12:30-13:30 - Design for Sustainability and Climate Action

Green Tech South West presents its next online event with insightful talks combining digital design and sustainability from three brilliant speakers – James Chudley from cxpartners, and two speakers from Climate Labs, Ahsan Khan and Phil Spencer.

As designers, the scope of our work and the problems that we find ourselves working on are increasing exponentially in complexity, scale, and impact. We find ourselves working to help transform services and tackle systemic problems such as inequality, digital transformation and business sustainability.

As our work gets harder where should we turn for help, examples of best practice and inspiration?

In this talk James shares how designers, engineers and innovators such as Neri Oxman, professor at the MIT Media Lab, have applied Biomimetic thinking to take inspiration from the natural world to help them solve complex problems by considering the question ‘How has Nature already solved this?’.

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18:00-20:30 - Get Up, Startup!

SETsquared Bristol and Engine Shed are once again hosting their regular meetup for Bristol’s tech and innovation scene to get together over a fun packed evening of ideas, songs and refreshments, with a special edition for Play Day.

You’ll have the opportunity to give a lightning pitch on anything from your current business to a new idea to take over the world… or just have the chance to wow the audience with your favourite karaoke number. Prizes will be on offer for people delivering the best combination of the two!

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