We can’t believe how quickly Bristol Technology Festival (BTF) is going. There are still two full days ahead of us, but this is our final top picks selection for the finale of the festival, Pioneer Day.

We’ve already had Purpose, Protect, and People – what a week it’s been already! Play is taking center stage today, so ensure you’re signed up for our favourite events taking place. Tomorrow will be Pioneer Day, which means there will be a focus on some of the game-changing research, development, and technologies coming out of the city. Our aim is to promote the depth of original thinkers and businesses now competing on an international stage.

So here are our top picks for Pioneer Day, sponsored by Computer Futures – enjoy!

9:30-10:15 - The key to delivering successful software solutions

Newicon is opening its software development recipe book. “Agile architecture”: Their process for innovation, creation, design, prototyping and ultimately planning complex projects.

This webinar is all about the importance of the “architecture phase” to any software project.

Presenting the event are two of Newicon’s most experienced Software Developers and Designers (now CEO and CSMO of Newicon) – Steve O’Brien and Mark Probert.

In only 30 minutes, you will see how software projects expensively fail, and learn how to ensure your next software project doesn’t flop.

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10:30-11:30 - Equity financing: Interview an Investor

Is equity financing right for you? Turn the tables and ask questions directly to Angels, Venture Capitalists and Co-Funders. Innovate UK EDGE’s round table of five prominent South West investors will help you understand the pitching process from their perspective and what it takes to raise finance.

They’ll be sharing practical strategies for creating ‘investability’ with a sound value proposition, developing a compelling pitch and standing out from the crowd with effective communication.

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12:00-13:30 - EdTech and Sustainability: How emerging technologies in education are challenging the status quo

Come and join SETsquared and the University of Bath for their online interactive talk and panel session as they delve into how emerging technology is used in education.

Andrés Sandoval-Hernández, Head of the Department of Education from the University of Bath will present a keynote looking at tools and skills required to level-up and how Virtual Reality for Environmental Education is being used.

An interactive Q&A panel discussion will then follow with innovative SMEs from the education sector.

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15:00-18:00 - Retro Arcade Gaming

Phew! If like us you are going to be feeling pretty exhausted and/or invigorated by the end of the Bristol Tech Festival and want to kick back and have some fun, Tech South West has got Friday afternoon sorted for you.

Meeting at Bristol’s Four Quarters Retro Gaming Bar at 3pm, you’ll have the chance to try out classic games spanning from the 70’s to the late 90’s, including Space Invaders, The Simpsons, Mortal Combat, Tetris, and Time Crisis 2.

Not feeling competitive? No worries. There’s a drink behind the bar for you – just turn up and chat.

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Shona Wright

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