Our 11 Silicon Gorge Autumn 2022 winners have been announced! Following the finals this week, these 12 startups are set to pitch at the Investor Showcase on 10 November.

These companies have been curated after a 3-stage selection process by experienced network and investor judges, all organised as part of the Investment Activator Programme.

The final showcase will be in front of angel investors, early stage VCs and also enablers and advisors of investment, and will take part at Huboo’s Bristol city centre offices as part of a wider Investor Day, so an ideal networking opportunity for those looking to raise.

As an aside Huboo raised £60m in 2021, and their founder Martin Bysh was one of the first Silicon Gorge pitchers back in 2015, so we’re keen to see how these companies progress.

This year’s companies cover everything from interactive live streaming to waste technology to synthetic meat development and sustainable packaging, so it makes for an interesting day!

While there are a limited number of spaces to attend, any investors interested in attending the Silicon Gorge Pitching event on 10th November should contact iap@techspark.co to be added to the invite list.

Pitching for investment between £150,000 and £2m, the following companies (listed in alphabetical order) will be joining us for the Investor Showcase.

Albotherm has developed a temperature responsive coating that transitions from fully transparent to white as it heats up, allowing the full spectrum of visible light to pass through when it is cool.

Binit is a next generation, tech-led waste and recycling super broker, providing a smart, responsive waste and recycling service using data, analytics and a unique collection network.

Codices makes tools for anyone to make online live interactive gameshows where the audience are contestants. They have a Twitch Extension and are soon to launch a stand alone platform.

Extracellular channels biology, digitalisation and biomanufacturing to accelerate cultivated meat development.

Flexi-Hex is an innovative packaging sleeve made from recycled paper that helps protect fragile products in transit. It’s not only biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free;but strong, flexible and easy to use.

Inclued AI is a companion software that helps content creators identify bias as it happens, providing real-time insights on representation across strategy, visual design and language.

Iotabl is a 2-sided data collection platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Users can collaborate on a free, online web-application dedicated to crowdsourcing IoT device data and the security associated with IoT devices.

Lateral is an AI SaaS business specialising in automating collections for businesses and government agencies.

Lyfe is a B2B technology startup that helps businesses to engage and retain high spending customers, powering rewards scheme for over 3 million payment cards and utilising card-linking technology for a seamless user experience.

Moropo is a no-code mobile app testing platform that saves 55 minutes for every hour spent manual testing.

POPcomms is a no-code sales enablement platform that helps enterprises differentiate and win more business. It does this by helping marketing teams centrally manage sales collateral and presentations globally.

Spacebands creates software and wearable technology that aims to make workplaces safer.

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