Alongside our bi-annual Silicon Gorge Investment Pitching Competition we’re publishing profiles of a few of the companies featured in the heats of our Silicon Gorge pitching rounds. Introducing our first Silicon Gorge semi-finalist, The Intelligent Brief.

The Silicon Gorge Investment Pitching competition returns for the 2022 Autumn Edition, and offers an opportunity for Tech & Creative companies based in the South West of England and South Wales who are looking for up to £3 million in equity funding. It will offer 12 of these companies the chance to pitch to a virtual room full of investors and enablers of investment on 10 November 2022. Any investors interested in attending the final event on 12th May should contact to join the invite list.

1. What does your company do?

The Intelligent Brief is a creative inspiration and productivity tool.

2.  What problem are you trying to solve?

Our mission is to eradicate generic marketing and put an end to the $200bn that is lost due poor briefing and lack of alignment. We help organisations and individuals focus on crafting outstanding creative ideas by cutting ideation time, inspiring creative thinking, and keeping teams aligned.

3.  What makes your solution unique?

70% of business leaders agree that technology can supercharge creativity but as yet there are no solutions that focus on addressing the ‘process of creativity’ which is not fit for purpose. The Intelligent Brief ‘augments’ the creative process to change this, empower human creativity and save time and money.

4.  What are you most proud of so far?

The idea was incubated between 2019-2021 so we could test and learn on a bespoke case by case basis. This generated revenue and gave us valuable case studies. We have a growing list on of people interested in accessing the tool once we launch.

5. How much are you raising and what do you want to use investment for?

A £250,000 investment would enable The Intelligent Brief to fast track our growth ambitions. As well as covering some essential business costs, we can:

  1. Supercharge the development of the platform functionality and user experience beyond the MVP.
  2. Allow a focus on building and co-creating with our community leading to monetisation.
  3. Accelerate our multi-channel ‘Go to Market’ strategy.
  4. Build the core founding team and senior advisors.

6. What tools/people/services/organisations helped you most?

I was lucky enough to be chosen by SET Squared to take part of their Entrepreneurs
Workout earlier this year. Not only did this help us consolidate our value proposition and business model but introduced me to Lucy, Abby and the team at techSPARK.
Additionally, my two advisors Alberto (Tech) and Becky (Creative) have helped me bring the MVP (almost) to launch.

7. Where can we find out more about you?

You can email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

This article is written as part of the Investment Activator Programme (IAP) in the West of England. This programme is run by TechSPARK and is kindly sponsored by TLT LLP, UKC3, West of England Combined Authority, UWE, Sanderson, Engine Shed and Rocketmakers. Find out more about the IAP here.

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