Award-winning Bath-based coding bootcamp and tech training provider, iO Academy is pleased to announce the launch of the Coding Quick Start; a new part-time introductory coding course aimed at providing essential programming skills to absolute beginners.

Delivered online every Wednesday evening over eight weeks, the Coding Quick Start offers a practical introduction to computer programming and web development fundamentals suitable for anyone curious about coding but unsure whether to commit to a career in tech. And as a part of their commitment to improving access to tech training and skills, iO Academy is making a limited number of spaces available completely free of charge.

The Coding Quick Start consists of a combination of live training and skill-building exercises during which students will explore key coding concepts and learn the three core programming languages of the web: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

As well as providing an entry point into tech education for potential career changers, the Coding Quick Start also provides a valuable upskilling and professional development opportunity for individuals who regularly work with websites or software developers in non-technical roles, such as marketing professionals, designers and small business owners.

If this piques your interest, Coding Quick Start is currently accepting applications, with the course due to begin on 9 January 2023.

Addressing the coding skills gap

There are plenty of people who would make excellent programmers but just don’t have the opportunity to give it a go. Committing to starting a career in tech can be daunting, especially when acquiring the necessary skills typically requires significant investment of time, money (or both) and if you’ve never done any coding before, it can be tricky to know if you’ll even enjoy it. The Coding Quick Start is designed to provide a low risk way to try programming and learn valuable tech skills with guidance and support from experienced industry professionals.

Raurie Allen, Marketing Manager at iO Academy, explains more on how the Coding Quick Start course is trying to solve this problem: “There are a lot of ways to learn these kinds of fundamental tech skills but they can vary massively in terms of content and delivery. We’ve designed this course to offer quality, accessible, structured training for absolute beginners.”

iO Academy has a track record of challenging the narrative around coding. As Raurie tells us, “The more people can experience firsthand how fun and rewarding coding can be, the more they’ll want to learn and the more the tech skills gap shrinks. Introductory courses like the Coding Quick Start are a great starting point to learn the fundamentals of programming; learners can build a solid foundation on which to continue their studies with a more comprehensive course like the Full Stack Track and launch their career in tech.

“Courses like this also offer an opportunity for people in non-technical roles. By broadening their knowledge and practical skills, they’ll be empowered to do more themselves directly but also be equipped to communicate and work more effectively with developers.”

Anyone who is curious about coding but not quite ready to commit to a career in tech is encouraged to sign up; particularly anyone who works closely with websites in a non-technical role, such as marketing or e-commerce that wants to upskill in their current job. By the end of the eight weeks, you might discover a new passion and be on track to explore a whole new career path. At the very least you’’ll have learned some valuable practical skills they’ll be able to put to use on a variety of projects.

iO Academy trainer, Ashley Coles explains more, “We want to make quality tech training more accessible and with the launch of the Coding Quick Start, we’re helping even more people discover how fun, creative and rewarding learning to code can be.

“Full-time intensive study is a big commitment for many people and changing careers can be a daunting prospect so we’ve specifically designed this course as a low risk way for anyone with zero tech experience to test the waters and find out if coding is for them.”

And people are certainly excited about what this course will bring to the table. One of iO Academy’s Full Stack Track graduates tells us, “I’ve sent it to a few of my old tech support peeps to convince them to see the light! Such a good idea as the [Full Stack Track] course is a huge commitment and it’s good to have a teaser first.”