Torchbox, a leading digital agency for the not-for-profit/third sectors and founders of Wagtail CMS, has partnered with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to launch the charity’s newly accessible and inclusive website.

The new website boasts a new look and feel, with improved functionality and accessibility at its core. It includes a cleaner, more intuitive homepage and dark mode which allows users to switch backgrounds and text colours to improve visibility.

Blind and partially sighted people have played a central role in developing the website, from providing feedback on the designs to testing the site to ensure that it is accessible and intuitive whilst enabling them to easily find information, support, and advice.

Accessible and Inclusive websites

The new site will help to improve data capture and workflow across customer touchpoints, ultimately helping help RNIB reach new audiences and provide more opportunities to support the charity.

Jim Sanders, RNIB’s Director of Innovation and Transformation, says, “Our website is our ‘shop window’ for people seeking advice, information and support so it’s absolutely vital that it’s accessible, intuitive and user-friendly. From the start of our work with Torchbox, inclusive design and accessibility have been the driving force.  From feedback on the designs to user testing the site to ensure it is accessible and intuitive, blind and partially sighted people have played an invaluable role in developing the website.”

Dave Harris, Head of Product for Charities, Torchbox, says, “It goes without saying that we are delighted to partner with RNIB on their new website. We’ve taken a user-centred approach, creating solutions that enable RNIB to deliver its vision of creating a world where blind and partially sighted people can participate equally.”

A white woman with short dark hair has a blank expression on her face and is looking directly at the camera

The new RNIB website is powered by Wagtail, the open-source CMS used by the NHS for (which received 1bn page views in 2021), Google, NASA, and many nonprofits in the UK and internationally.

Laura Morris, RNIB’s Digital Project Manager adds, “We have many blind and partially sighted content editors, so the accessibility of Wagtail’s admin interface was a deciding factor for us when picking a new CMS. Alongside other key requirements like scalability, security, and platform longevity, we’re confident it will provide a highly-accessible content management experience for our whole team. We look forward to working with Wagtail and contributing to the project.”