Is your tech organisation hiring this January? If you have vacancies for any tech-related jobs across the South West, redeem your three free listings on the techSPARK jobs board today

This offer comes as we start yet another year of striving to strengthen the South West tech sector. You have the entirety of January’s Talent Month to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to showcase your tech and digital job openings. Hopefully, our widely connected network can help source top talent that will fill those all-important roles. 

If you’d like to snap up the chance to have your tech job roles listed with the largest and best-connected tech network in the West, reach out to Ellie Cheetham, Partnerships Manager at techSPARK,

techSPARK jobs board

If you’re discovering techSPARK for the first time, we should introduce ourselves! We’re extremely proud of our mission to strengthen our tech community, from Swindon to Swansea, by connecting the best people, companies, and investors with opportunities for growth. Our not-for-profit structure means that any revenue we generate will be reinvested back into the business, and therefore directly into supporting the region’s tech community through free events, content, and expertise. 

After 10 years in the businesses (and a whole lot more of combined team experience), we’ve built some pretty strong connections. To be exact, we connect with 35,000 people a month. We work with tech and digital businesses from startups to scaleups, SMEs to global corporations to help them thrive through our networks and knowledge. Our work highlights the best in tech in the West and brings people together through events and programmes.

One pillar that lies at the core of techSPARK is talent. The skills gap remains a pertinent challenge for all tech companies, large and small. We want to utilise our platform to work towards overcoming these barriers for development, innovation, and growth. Whilst running our jobs board is a crucial aspect of this, it also extends to people training through our training bootcamps and directly connecting top tech talent. Whatever the medium, we want to make our community the world’s most exciting and inclusive. 

The techSPARK Tech Jobs Board brings together 1,000’s of the very best tech jobs in the South West. We encourage job seekers to visit our jobs board and explore the diverse range of roles available. And if you’re debating taking the leap into the tech industry, we have tonnes of content you can use to familiarise yourself with the community, and inspiring stories from others who have done the same.

If you decide to take us up on this exciting one-time-only offer, we hope it connects you to the very best talent. Following January, if you’d like to list more vacancies on our not-for-profit platform, see more information here: 

An info graphic explaining the three tiers of talent partnerships with the techSPARK jobs board.