Silicon Gorge is back for 2023! The competition allows up to 12 of the most exciting early-stage tech and digital startups in the South West and South Wales the opportunity to pitch to a room of investors from across the region and beyond at the Silicon Gorge Investor Day on 18th May 2023.

Applications for this event will open today 20th February until 24th March, with 2 semi-finals in April to determine the companies making it to the Investor Day. 

If you’re a startup looking for between £100k and £2m in equity investment and would like to win the chance to pitch at the event – just fill out this simple application form to tell us about your business and what you’re looking to raise.  One of 2021’s Silicon Gorge alumni, Sam Bates from, which has since been acquired, tells us

“Silicon Gorge was a great experience from start to finish, the pitching was enjoyable and feedback useful, the workshops were actually useful, and for founders who are really busy trying to raise it won’t take up too much of your precious time.”

Silicon Gorge Timeline

What we need to know

What do you need to get ready to submit your application to Silicon Gorge 2023? It’s not charts and pitch decks, we just want you to tell us about yourselves. We’ll just need:

  • Your name, company and email – we’ll assume you already have these!
  • A summary of what your company/product does – Maximum 200 words
  • What problem you are solving – Maximum 100 words
  • Why you/your product are unique – Maximum 100 words
  • What stage you are at?
  • How big’s the market?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • How much you’re looking to raise?
  • Are you an incubator or accelerator member– and which one?
  • What is your current annual turnover, if revenue generating?
  • Lastly, of course, what are you going to use the investment for?
Apply now

Silicon Gorge is a part of the Investment Activator Programme (IAP). The IAP is a pioneering collaboration between private and public sector organisations has been put together to help catalyse investment into fast-growing startups in the South West of England and South Wales.  Want support from the Investment Activator Programme – contact