Up next in our Workspace for 10 series, we have the modern coworking space, Wood Street Co Work.

Wood Street Co Work is a growing coworking space designed to meet the needs of our community of entrepreneurs and innovators. If you’re on the hunt for a collaborative space, with a contemporary, high quality office environment, look no further. The space comes with A variety of desk arrangements suitable for individual projects, group work or for working in a café style environment. There is also new, modern furniture including a suite of sit/stand electric desks, perfect for those who like to think on their feet!

Here to tell us more about Wood Street Co Work is Director, Andrew Careswell.

1 – Where are you?

We are located in the heart of Old Town, Swindon which is a thriving local community of small businesses with various offerings. From arts & crafts to bars, nightclubs and restaurants, Old Town has everything you need and we’re so proud to be located here!

2 – How would you describe your space?

Our modern co-working space offers a variety of plans for individuals or small businesses. Equipped with a wide range of amenities and outstanding facilities, our offices are the perfect place for brainstorming, networking and getting work done.

3 – Who will I meet there?

We regularly welcome small business owners and creative individuals. If you’re looking for a chance to network and grow your connections, book a tour with us today.

4 – Can I bring my team? (do you have offices as well as coworking?)

Of course! We have several large desk areas available in the coworking space, designed for collaborative work, with the option to hire our private meeting room also. We can also supply full size whiteboards and display monitors/TVs for any presentation purposes during your time with us.

5 – Is there somewhere for me to meet clients?

There is a fully fitted breakout area with the standard fridge, microwave and dishwasher but also a cutting-edge Virgin Pure Hot/Cold Water system alongside tea/coffee making facilities. However, if you fancy meeting off-site there are dozens of cafes/bars/restaurants around Old Town that might tickle your fancy instead!

6 – Do you run any events?

Yes! We are proud to be hosting the Swindon and Wiltshire Founders Networking Event with techSPARK on 23 February (sign up here!). Our coworking space can be hired during the evenings for any events/conference sessions. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further. 

7 – What are the perks?

There are many perks of using Wood Street Co Work, we can offer more than just a space for you to work. We also Registered Office/Virtual Office where you can use our prestigious Wood Street address as your business’ real address for a fraction of the cost.

We are also able to offer, through our partner The Business Generation Group, many additional marketing and business support services. This includes telephone number provision, call answering, data management, telemarketing, email marketing, website building and digital marketing amongst other things. For further information, please visit our website.

8 – What makes your space different?

Wood Street Co Work is a proud member of the Friends of Old Town Card Scheme, a local discount scheme which over 70 business owners around Old Town, Swindon are a part of! Members of the card scheme are granted 10% off all of our services. 

9 – How much is it to be based there?

Our offerings are split into easy-to-understand packages, a half-day coworking desk reservation can cost £15 for 4 Hours all the way to Unlimited Usage for £295 per month. To make a booking, please visit our website here. 

10 – How do I find out more?

To find out more, please visit our website. You can also find us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook by searching ‘Wood Street Co Work’. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01793 777510 or email us using info@woodstreetco.work.