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What’s BoomBoard you ask? In a nutshell, the company helps businesses streamline their data. BoomBoard consolidates your data it into one place, meaning that revenue generating opportunities are easily identified and no problem is left unnoticed. Nick Merry, CEO at BoomBoard, explains, “Data displays the heart beat of a business; BoomBoard ensures no beat is missed.”

If you fancy exploring how maximising your data could enhance your business, sign up here. BoomBoard is looking for feedback to ensure its proposition continues to deliver what is valuable.

“The number 1 rule in the startup handbook is know your numbers. That’s what we enable”

BoomBoard prides itself on being a no-code solution; you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Nick tells us more about how to set yourself up, explaining that after creating your account, it’s a case of connecting your sources of data. This could be anything from Google Analytics to Xero. It’s as simple as signing in, and you’ll immediately see your data feeding through your BoomBoard dashboard. From here, you can start using its features such as benchmarking, correlation insights, performance notifications and objective monitoring.

Once connected, it’s then up to you how you want to make the most of it,” says Nick. He summarises some of the most useful tools as:

  • Setting your goals to visualise how far off your targets are
  • Creating alerts to be notified when a metric hits a certain threshold
  • Inserting multiple metrics on one chart to look for correlations and insights
  • Building a customised dashboard to share with your team

Maximising your data with BoomBoard

If you’re a business leader – founder/CEO/Director – of an SME, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from BoomBoard’s software. Nick explains that “I know from experience when a business starts to grow, there are more and more plates to spin, it’s stressful.” As you recruit and enter the growing pains of expansion, various aspects of your business become harder to manage.

“The number 1 rule in the startup handbook is to know your numbers. That’s what we enable. Quick and easy access to your key numbers so you never miss a beat in your business,” Nick continues. “The benefit is that no opportunity will be missed, problems are solved before they impact revenue, and you don’t need to log in to multiple platforms to see the full picture.

“I use BoomBoard daily, I check in on my KPIs each morning to ensure all is good, or not, as the case may be. Particularly on pipeline monitoring I can quickly spot new leads and can respond instantly, so I have the greatest chance of converting a lead into a sale. Additionally, because I can overlay metrics from different sources into one chart, I can spot patterns that inform my next steps.”

Growing in the Bristol tech scene

BoomBoard was born out of the established Data Cubed, who you’ve most likely come across if you’re also in the Bristol tech sector. Data Cubed is a consultancy for larger organisations wishing to unlock the data they hold – their work has bagged them the Data Data Data Award at The SPARKies 2020. Nick explains that the team recognised there was a need to help smaller organisations with their data too, and BoomBoard was born.

“New and different minds coming at something from a different perspective or walk of life drives an abundance of innovations, long may it remain that way”

At £9 per person per month, BoomBoard acts as a plug and play version. “Reaching this point has not been without challenges though. We’ve probed different target audiences to find where our value is most felt, and we’ve played around with our business model to find the correct balance between our mission to democratise data and affordability,” says Nick. “We’ve done this all with the back-drop of covid and more recently economic chaos. But the twist to the story is that the current national economic situation is encouraging organisations to focus on their data to ensure no opportunity is missed.”

Being apart of the Bristol tech community has helped Data Cubed and BoomBoard develop and grow. Nick tells us, “I’ve personally been involved in the Bristol tech scene for the last decade, I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength, and learned a huge amount along the journey. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given opportunities to learn the ropes while I’m climbing, Bristol is a great place for that as there is so much being nurtured here, so many ideas.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all plain sailing and there is always room for improvement in the way things are done. The community needs to remain open and not become a ‘club’ so to speak, as that’s the only way to grow. New and different minds coming at something from a different perspective or walk of life drives an abundance of innovations, long may it remain that way.”

If you’d like to meet the team and learn more about the power of data, come along to our South West Founders event on 15 March where Nick Merry and Helen Tanner from the BoomBoard team will be delivering a talk.