Microsoft Partners, Bristol-based BOM IT Solutions and cybersecurity specialists Ontinue, partner to deliver improved digital protection to businesses in the face of rising threats and cyber-attacks.

The partnership comes after a report published last year revealed that the cost of cyber-crime to businesses globally could reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

“Attacks over the last year or so have shown that criminal gangs aren’t discriminating against sector or industry”

In the first few weeks of this year, large organisations such as Royal Mail, JD Sports and Reddit all reported breaches. It’s not just high-profile organisations that are being targeted, a report published last year found that 39% of UK businesses reported being the target of a cyber-attack in the previous 12 months. The average financial cost to a small business is estimated to be £4,200 per attack, rising to £19,400 for medium to large size organisations.

Partnering to protect

It’s evident businesses large and small need to take the problem seriously. Commenting on the recent events, Cyber Security Solutions Director at BOM IT Solutions, David Trump, tells us, “Reports are showing that there is an increasing risk to businesses of being the target of a cyber-attack.

“Attacks over the last year or so have shown that criminal gangs aren’t discriminating against sector or industry, or the size of the business either. Actors are looking to both steal data and cause disruption to businesses services, day-to-day operations, and harm them reputationally, while also damaging the business financially through ransom demands and loss of earnings.”

BOM IT’s partnership with Ontinue, formerly known as Tiberium before its recent acquisition by Open Systems, a managed service provider and specialist in Microsoft software technologies, is the latest partner addition to BOM’s cybersecurity division.

The partnership will pull on BOM IT’s knowledge and expertise in business IT infrastructure and solutions and Ontinue’s expertise in Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) cybersecurity services. MXDR is a model of ‘cybersecurity managed services’ which is on the rise as businesses continue to gain a greater understanding of the need to act quickly to reduce the potential damage caused by an attack.

Ontinue’s Chief Innovation Officer, Drew Perry, says, “The partnership with BOM IT Solutions is great news for both parties. BOM has been providing IT solutions to businesses for over 60 years, its team has an unrivalled knowledge of businesses IT infrastructures. Combined with our knowledge of cybersecurity managed services and our expertise in automation and collaboration, we’re looking forward to helping stop more cyber threat actors at speed and scale with BOM.”

Shona Wright

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