HeyFlow is the latest organisation on the South West tech scene seeking to build a more inclusive workspace. HeyFlow is the insight-driven data tool that educates business leaders on the female reproductive system.

As anyone who has had a period will know, the menstrual cycle can have a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. This is intrinsically linked to how we feel, think and perform at work. After being a conversation shrouded in taboo for centuries, it’s time for the workplace to be holistically educated on the potential impacts. 

Identifying the need for this education, the team founded HeyFlow to help businesses understand the female workforce better, equipping managers with the confidence, practical skills and knowledge that will reduce absenteeism and increase the retention and attraction of women, at all stages of their careers.

Changing attitudes around menstruation

It’s widely recognised that women are leaving the workforce, absenteeism is increasing and there are significant skills shortages across multiple industries in the UK. The link between absenteeism, attraction and retention of women in the workplace directly links to the understanding the impact of female reproductive health in the workplace.

Enter HeyFlow. The product is an insight-driven data surveying and L&D tool that empowers businesses to build a truly inclusive company. It achieves this through providing education about the impact of female reproductive health in the workplace, identifying and implementing management development opportunities and policy advancement. 

In its first survey, Beyond The Menstruation Cycle & Period Policy, HeyFlow found that 100% of respondents feel there is a stigma about periods and menstruation in the wider working world, 100% feel that the taboo of discussion needs to be broken and yet only 14% feel confident enough to speak to their manager. 

With the combined expertise of the Founder of not-for-profit MotherBoard, Sophie Creese, CEO of ADLIB & B Corp Ambassador, Nick Dean, and Marketing Director of ADLIB & Marketing Lead of MotherBoard, Sabrina Walls, the Co-Founders of HeyFlow have intricate knowledge of how purpose, understanding and knowledge can drive positive change for businesses, driving significantly improved retention, attraction and absenteeism levels.

HeyFlow has been created to provide a solution for all businesses. From a management introduction to the female reproductive cycle and its potential impact in the workplace, through detailed employee surveying and coaching on periods, pregnancy, maternity and menopause (amongst much more).

HeyFlow provides unrivalled insight into a company’s female workforce and provides an understanding of the gap between feeling and policy. Through its insight surveying, HeyFlow provides clear actionable solutions and offers consultancy and training to upskill employees to better support their teams.

The starting product focuses on cisgender females, but their roadmap progresses into a much wider employee community where there is an essential need to understand underrepresented people. The team is looking forward to being part of a solution that is much needed by businesses and women alike.

[Image credit: WOCinTechChat.com]