Our 13 Silicon Gorge 2023 winners have been announced! Following the finals back in April, these startups are set to pitch at the Investor Showcase on 18 May 2023. We’re so pleased to say that for the first time in Silicon Gorge history, there are more women pitching than men.

These companies have been curated after a 3-stage selection process by experienced network and investor judges, all organised as part of the Investment Activator Programme. We had just under 70 applicants this year and have been running the competitive selection process over the last 6 weeks.

This year the most established pitching event in the region will be held at PWC’s beautiful riverside offices, near Temple Meads station, and will be supported by Cintra Global and our fabulous Investment Activator Partners.

We’ve had some amazing companies come through Silicon Gorge in the past few years including Immersive LabsLettUs GrowCondenseVirtiRovcoKETS Quantum, Intelligent AI LimitedYellowdogNeighbourlyRoqqettOKKO Health – and so many other brilliant companies from the South West. It’ll be great to see who comes through this time!

This year’s companies cover everything from innovative food supplements to support gut health, to biodiversity mapping and AI prehabilitation platforms for surgery, it’s set to be a fascinating day.

While there are a limited number of spaces to attend, any investors interested in attending the Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase on 18 May should contact iap@techspark.co to be added to the invite list.

Pitching for investment between £150,000 and £2m, the following companies (listed in alphabetical order) will be joining us for the Investor Showcase.

Encortec provides energy-harvesting wireless sensor technologies that remotely discover, predict and advise on rail track or industrial equipment health conditions with real-time data.

Englebert is a compliance solution for crypto companies that need to be registered with the FCA.

Expordite offers HMRC-integrated software that supporters British international traders and freight forwarders with export compliance and risk assessment.

Ferryx develops innovative food supplements and pharmaceutical products based on live bacteria (live biotherapeutic products) which support gut health.

ForceTeck has created machine learning (ML) models that can estimate the force with which 2 players collide in any sport, from video footage, which will allow broadcasters to overlay this information.

Gritty Talent is a tech-driven talent company, supplying the UK’s creative industries with products and services to grow and strengthen their talent value chain.

Map Impact provides biodiversity/environmental reporting tools that are accessible to a wide user base empowering clear and concise decision making.

More Happi delivers unlimited 1:1 coaching for EVERY employee for life and work, while delivering rapid skills development for coaches.

PreActiv is developing an AI-based platform to provide individualised prehabilitation programmes for patients undergoing surgery.

Radii ensures that any device which interfaces with the body is comfortable, fast-to-fit, and enables quality of life for the end user.

RunYourself is a leadership development platform, designed to help leaders make better decisions with greater confidence and lead their teams more effectively.

SpatialCortex is reducing workplace manual-handling injuries by 70%, through our revolutionary technology, MOVA.

Workbit Training Content Management System (TCMS), Workbit Author, is an enterprise software platform revolutionising how organisations approach professional development.

The Investment Activator Programme is supported by