Swindon father and founder of Fluff Software, Scott Gulliver, is bringing the world of outdoor adventure and exploration to kids’ fingertips with the innovative new Huntly app

Inspired by his two energetic sons aged 3 & 6, Scott and the team at Fluff have combined technology with nature in a unique way to make outdoor activities even more exciting and fun for children.

The journey to develop Huntly began by identifying a challenge faced by one of the industries Fluff works closely with – attractions and tourism. They started with thinking around how to motivate children to feel excited about exploring the outdoors.

“I wanted to give my boys a reason to be enthusiastic about going outside”

Scott used his own experience as a parent and thought about how he could make outdoor adventures thrilling for his boys and ultimately children everywhere. 

With the magic of gamification at its core, Huntly encourages children to engage with their environment, offering interactive quests that turn everyday outings into exciting adventures. The app rewards curiosity and creativity, allowing children to earn badges for their achievements, such as ‘Junior Photographer’.

Huntly turns walks in the park, trips to the supermarket, and even the daily school run into intriguing quests. “I wanted to give my boys a reason to be enthusiastic about going outside – by making their surroundings part of a fun game,” says Scott. 

“Myself and the team pulled on our experience within the tourism sector to build something super simple that a wide age range of children can easily use and enjoy. We’ve started to roll it out with great feedback from kids and parents. The beauty of it is that it’s infinitely customisable and can easily be developed into a branded app with specific quests that can be customised to any tourist attraction in the UK – however big or small.”

“It’s about helping children view their world as a playground full of surprises”

By offering custom, location-based quests, Huntly can increase visitor engagement and extend dwell times. It offers a new way to showcase attractions and connect with a younger audience. It’s a win-win for families and venues alike.

“Huntly is all about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary,” says Scott. “It’s about helping children view their world as a playground full of surprises. The best part is they’re staying active and learning along the way, without even realising it.”

The Huntly app is now available for download on iOS and Android, ready to add a sprinkle of adventure to every family’s outdoor activities.

Why not try it this summer?

Shona Wright

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