Are you enjoying the Bath Digital Festival so far? The techSPARK team has loved meeting so many new people, reconnecting with familiar faces, and learning something new every day.

Today’s theme is Collaboration, sponsored by TEKTowr; make sure to check out our top picks for working as a community here.

With events rapidly selling out, it’s time to choose what you’ll be attending for Thursday’s Critical Thinking & Celebration Day, sponsored by Vysiion. What do we need in place for our technology revolution? The vision needs a strategy, it needs to be secure, well-considered, and ready for whatever the future brings. Let’s use today to get into the details, debate the challenges, and discuss solutions. 

Emotive, engaging content is at the heart of changing consumer behaviour. Getting it right changes the fortunes of brands. Getting it wrong wastes time and money. Whether you’re harnessing the power of video, starting a podcast, or writing better articles for your site … this is the session for you.

  • How can you develop content ideas that drive behaviour change?
  • What makes video the king of content and how do you do it well?
  • How to discover and target niche audiences with rewarding content that drives growth.
  • How to turn attention into a worthwhile experience for viewers and brands.

In this packed two-hour session delegates will journey into the psychology of emotions, get practical tools from real-world experience and memorable hints and tips from best-practice examples.

Customers, talent and funding are the key ingredients to the success of any early-stage business.

With limited resources, today’s prevailing advice recommends a laser-focus on designing and building the product itself — AKA your Minimum Viable Product.

But we know that visual design and brand identity can make the difference in attracting the attention you need, quickly.

Founders, if you’re looking for tangible takeaways to optimise your brand for success, this event is for you.

Dialect’s event will provide a valuable opportunity for business leaders to learn from experts and network with like-minded individuals on how to work towards becoming gender fair. Attendees will leave with short and long term actions to apply to strategies for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, and for achieving gender fairness in the digital age.

The event will feature expert speakers who will provide insights and practical strategies for achieving gender fairness across various aspects of a business. We will cover the five key areas that can impact gender fairness. These are HR policies, leadership and opportunities, diversity reporting, advertising and communication, and social impact.

We’ll explore how advertising and communication can be used to promote gender equality and challenge harmful stereotypes, and how companies can use their influence to drive positive change.

How the inclusion of women and diverse gender identities in leadership and spokesperson roles in marketing campaigns and communications can help to challenge stereotypes and promote diversity in leadership. And how language and messaging can impact gender equality. For example, using phrases like “working moms” can reinforce gender stereotypes, whereas using inclusive language like “working parents” can be more gender-fair.

As always we’ll be shining a light on the very best people, products and companies that make up the tech sector in Bristol, Bath and the broader West of England region. We can’t wait!

There are 17 categories representing the brilliance of the tech scene in the West up for grabs. We’re celebrating the entire local tech spectrum – including those wonderful people and companies that work tirelessly to support and grow the cluster.

*We offset the cost and keep ticket prices low for those working within startups and freelance roles so that it is accessible to all. If you do not meet these criteria, we would still love for you to come along, please purchase a “Recruiter and Professional Services” Ticket.

Included within all ticket prices will be a meal from one of our Street Food Vendors, a welcome drink and some drinks tokens, along with pre awards treats!