In 2019, ADLIB was one of the first recruitment businesses to certify as a B Corp. Early this year they recertified and received an impressive score of 103.3. 130.3 is an outstanding achievement and something they should all be very proud of. A huge well done to the ADLIB team!

Their belief is that the B Corp assessment provides a structure, with clear measurement, to set clear improvement targets. Their initial certification was simply the start of their journey.

They set out their intentions through the publication of their annual impact reports and set the bar high. This approach and transparency ensured they achieved the focus and accountability needed to make improvements and reach their goals.

This impact report reflects on their recertification, what they have achieved, and provides a glimpse into where they head next.

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2022-23 Highlights / B Corp Recertification

This impact report reflects on ADLIB’s recertification, what they have achieved, and provides a glimpse into where they head next.


GOVERNANCE – In 2020 ADLIB converted to a 100% employee ownership model. True stakeholder capitalism.  Our recertification score acknowledges this transparency, from an internal perspective with regards to the day-to-day financial management, quarterly updates and access to the entire P&L. External publication of impact reports on social and environmental performance and commitment to our code of conducts.

WORKERS – We’re a people business in every sense of the phrase. Since our initial certification we have invested heavily into our team through numerous initiatives to build a stakeholder model that is fit for the long term.

COMMUNITY –  At the centre of any community is a shared belief in attitudes and interests in common. For ADLIB, community covers a lot of ground. We support regional ecosystems, provide insight and advocate for international communities that are fighting for equality. The team have built their own communities from the ground up, we’ve supported community based projects that improve people’s lives, and play an active role within the B Corp community.

ENVIRONMENT – As a B2B service provider we store an increasing amount of customer and candidate data. Given our learnings from within the Green Tech South West community, we are increasingly aware that the life cycle of storing, processing, and transmitting digital information is an area that we need to pay significant attention to.

CUSTOMERS – In 2021-22 we aimed to improve our customer score by 10 points via the MotherBoard Charter. After long discussion with B Lab it was concluded that Mums in Tech are not recognised as underserved. Furthermore, the initiative is a not for profit, charging charter signatories an administration fee only and therefore no points were awarded. Our response was threefold.

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