Moropo has launched a new mobile app testing tool for software agencies and startups. The web-based automation platform comprises a low-code test creator, a test scheduling system and a results inspector. It works for both iOS and Android.

This release is the first publicly available since Moropo entered development in 2022. The firm, a SETsquared Bristol member, had previously secured over £340,000 in Innovate UK Smart Grant funding.

“We found existing mobile test automation took a long time to set up and was unusable by non-technical team members,” said Tom. “With busy developers, founders, product managers, and support staff often manually test apps. We built Moropo so they could automate that QA process without needing engineers, saving 55 minutes for every hour they spend on manual testing.”

The app testing sector is growing fast and with significant market competition, especially from venture capital-backed US firms. Moropo intends to compete in this space with its unique approach to open-source.

CTO Charles Killer explains: “Competitors today focus on one of two things: running open-source tests or creating proprietary tests. The former suits developers and the latter works well for non-technical team members. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult for those two groups to collaborate.

With Moropo, users can switch seamlessly between drag-and-drop `Steps` and open-source `Script` modes. So developers can get “under the hood” for complex use cases without compromising usability for non-tech users. We’re enabling whole team test collaboration with open-source standards.” 

Following a successful Early Access programme involving ten teams, Moropo is now available to the public. A free forever tier allows teams to trial Moropo without commitment.