iO Associates parent company, Precision Resource Group (PRG), has been announced as winners of the distinguished Princess Royal Training Award. The honour places its now award-winning learning and development training programme ‘The Precision Pathway,’ among 53 other highly deserving recipients such as Royal Mail, IBM, and the NHS.

“Our goal is to create an environment at PRG that allows people to flourish and have long and fulfilling career paths.” 

 Delivered by the City and Guilds Group, HRH Princess Royal Training Award collaborates to recognise employers who possess an unparalleled commitment to developing and investing in their company training programmes: “As skills shortages rise and job vacancies double across the UK and Ireland, engaging learning programs for growing and retaining talent have become more crucial than ever before.”

Nurturing talent

PRG’s now award-winning training scheme ‘Precision Pathway’ offers a flexible 6-month long blended career development program cultivated for all levels of recruitment experience, offered to each employee at no extra cost. 105 trainees have completed the programme since 2021, and attrition has reduced from 27% to 14% with the average time to consultant promotion also reducing from 362 to 201 days.

PRG’s dedication to nurturing talent and continuously supporting their industry professionals alongside an all-in mentality is underscored and widely acknowledged through this reputable award.

Tracy Wright, Director of People, comments on this prestigious moment, “From its inception to date, the L&D team have strived to provide top-class career development. Our goal is to create an environment at PRG that allows people to flourish and have long and fulfilling career paths. 

“PRG’s People First ethos ensures we’re focused on providing the best training, coaching, and personal development that matches everyone’s goals and ambitions; whilst fully supporting the strategic aims of PRG. To receive this recognition on our first application is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the L&D team, and I’m very proud of them.”

Precision Resource Group has also placed in the prestigious Recruiter FAST 50 list, ranking among the top 30 alongside other business giants. As well as finalising for the Business of the Year award and being identified by WIRED Magazine and HSBC UK as one of the UK’s most innovative and inspiring businesses.

Shona Wright

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