If you work in cyber in Bristol & Bath, hopefully, you’ve come along to one of our monthly Cyber Tuesday meetups – or at least plan to pop by soon. But in case you’ve never heard of us or our meetup, let me give you an introduction.

Bristol & Bath Cyber is a not-for-profit community of cyber entrepreneurs, employers, practitioners, educators, investors, and collaborators from across the region who, collectively, make up the local cyber ecosystem. We are a community dedicated to connecting, educating, and strengthening the cyber ecosystem in the West of England.

“Byte-Sized Cyber is the perfect way to get together to talk about things cyber security professionals are really passionate about”

Our regular meetup is called Cyber Tuesday (sign up now for March’s edition!). This networking event is a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your knowledge of cybersecurity’s latest trends. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the world of cybersecurity, we’d love to see you at Cyber Tuesday.

Deliver a Byte-Sized talk 

If you’re a Cyber Tuesday regular, you’ll know we’ve been mixing things up recently. After listening to feedback from the community, we introduced a new format to the meetup: Byte-Sized Cyber. 

We need your input to bring the event to life. We also want the discussion at Cyber Tuesday to represent the entire local cyber sector, something we simply cannot achieve without everyone’s contribution. So, we’re calling on all cyber professionals in Bristol and Bath to sign up for a Byte-Sized talk

The format is a twist on your standard conference-style talk. You’ll have 8 slides and 16 minutes. We want you to have as much fun giving the talk as the audience will have listening to it, so pick a subject you’re passionate about. It can be about anything from Cloud Security to diversity in cyber, just fill out the form today to sign up and take part. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Explaining more about her idea for the new format, Illyana Mullions, the Bristol & Bath Cyber Community Manager says, “Byte-Sized Cyber is the perfect way to get together to talk about things cyber security professionals are really passionate about. 

“I wanted to try something new instead of coming to a one-hour talk after a long day’s work on a topic that may or may not be for you. Now the shorter format and multiple speakers means there will be something for everyone. When I’m talking to people to get them to speak I make sure to say ‘Have fun giving this presentation! Give it on something you actually want to talk about.’ This event is great for doing that talk you have always wanted to do but have not had the reason for. If you want to get involved make sure to sign up today.”

The next Cyber Tuesday will be held at Runway East on Tuesday 12 March. Thanks as always to our awesome Bristol & Bath Cyber sponsors for making the work we do possible: Exponential-e, Accenture, Higos, CrypTegridy, ForgeRock, UKC3, Cyber First & Infosec. 

Shona Wright

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