The Silicon Gorge pitching competition is now well underway. After receiving over 70 applications, our wonderful judges have whittled down the cohort to 25 finalists.

But these startups have one more hoop to jump through before getting the opportunity to pitch their business to a room full of investors for £100k – £2m in equity investment. Only 12 early-stage startups can make it to the Investor Showcase on 4 June, so we’re hosting two days of pitching where founders will be assessed by our judges.

The first pitching competition is taking place on 8 May – you can come along to support and spectate in person at Future Space where we’ll kick things off at 5pm. The 13 startups below will be taking centre stage, sign up here to join us.

As always, thanks to our fantastic sponsors for making this competition possible!

Meet the first Silicon Gorge finalists

Atria AI

We help businesses deploy generative AI. Unlock your data and start solving the real-world needs of your business with us today.

AutonoMe uses the power of mobile technology to enable neurodiverse people and those with learning disabilities to gain employment and develop skills for independent living.

Bayes Price

We specialise in survey data. Offering collection, analysis, visualisation & insight.

Cepro works with housebuilders to design, develop and deliver funded community microgrids. It then operates these over the long term to enable energy customers to benefit fully from clean, local renewable energy generation via reduced bills.


We’re developing a suite of in-ear biometric control and sensor technologies for an ever-increasing range of global applications. Why? So that we can transform the future of healthcare.


Our Smart Headband use advanced sensors and algorithms to detect impacts and inform coaches and teacher real-time. Our headbands are also designed to be comfortable and stylish, so athletes can focus on their performance.

Maypole Education. Mathematical Child's Play. Get the games. Schools · Families. Teacher's Dashboard. Get the games.

Meaning Machine

We give developers the power to generate relevant dialogue in response to anything that happens in their game… even if it’s totally unexpected.

Ostara is a software platform that improves growing conditions through automating manual tasks and giving the grower more data.


Integrated photonic devices need large-scale, precise electronic control. We can provide the precision and power you need, at a scale only limited by your ambition.

we’re working towards a world where the empowering magic of micro-mobility is available to all. We've designed a scooter which uses cutting-edge technology and innovative design to create a customised, personalised experience.

We want to help all teams, from high-growth startups to well-established corporates, to get together, enjoy work and be productive.

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