In one week today, the tech community will be gathering across the city of Bath for the highly anticipated Bath Digital Festival (BDF). For a second year in a row, techSPARK has curated the three-day event.

We’ve highlighted our top picks for Sports and Life Sciences, as well as Cities Day. Now, last but not least we have Space Day.

Long home to the UK’s largest aerospace cluster, our expertise in materials science, electronics, and data is now being utilised in space to forecast climate change, connect remote communities and protect critical satellites from hazardous space debris. We have some fantastic events lined up for the final day of the festival so do take a look at the full schedule.

Thank you to our brilliant sponsors, West of England Combined Authority & Invest Bristol and Bath for being our Space Day Patron.

What did NASA ever do for us?

  • When: Thursday 16 May 2024 | 11:30 – 12:30
  • Where: Carpenter House, Broad Quay Bath BA1 1UB

NASA’s knack for turning space-age tech into everyday wonders is something you’ve got to see to believe! Take memory foam, for example. Originally designed to keep pilots comfy and safe, it’s now the reason we all enjoy those super-snug mattresses and cushy shoes. Who knew that a quest for ultimate comfort in the skies would change how we lounge and walk on terra firma?

And let’s not forget about those scratch-resistant lenses. Born from the need to protect astronaut visors from space debris, this tech now keeps our glasses clear and scratch-free, making blurry vision and constant replacements a thing of the past.

Come along for an exploration of innovation, play the NASA/ not NASA game and learn about how you can use NASA patents for your project, as well as how to protect your own IP – it’s going to be a fun, interactive and educational session!

Thanks to SCRIPT IP for leading this conversation and being a partner of the festival.

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The big debate - Innovation, Opportunity & Ownership

  • When: Thursday 16 May 2024 | 13:30 – 14:30
  • Where: Newark Works, 2 Foundry Lane Bath BA2 3DZ

Join us at the Bath Digital Festival for an exhilarating debate that will propel us beyond our earthly confines to explore the final frontier – the challenges, opportunities, innovations and ownership of space!

As we embark on this interstellar journey, we’ll uncover the vast commercial and creative opportunities that lie in the cosmos, from satellite technologies that revolutionise our daily lives to the potential of extraterrestrial mining and colonisation.

This is a panel led, room engaged session that plans to navigate through the latest advancements in space technology, showcasing how these innovations are not just the stuff of science fiction but tangible opportunities that are shaping the future of humanity.

However, with great opportunity comes great debate, particularly around the contentious issue of ownership in space. Who lays claim to the moon, the planets, and the asteroid belt?

Join us as we navigate the intricate tapestry of innovation, opportunity, and ownership in the boundless expanse of space.

Thank you to our sponsor Foot Anstey

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Investment in SpaceTech startups

  • When: Thursday 16 May 2024 | 15:00 – 16:00
  • Where: Carpenter House, Broad Quay Bath BA1 1UB

We will explore effective ways to captivate investors and drive your startup towards success, discussing insights and strategies in our immersive session focused on investor readiness.

Join us for a fascinating journey as we explore the ever-evolving world of Space Tech investment!

Dive into discussions where we’ll demystify venture capital firms, weighing their pros and cons alongside other investment options, and discuss startup opportunities in the South West.

We will also uncover the basics of raising capital in the Space Tech industry. From understanding investment structures to navigating governance frameworks, we’ll cover all the essentials for securing funding.

Prepare to join the conversation in our interactive Q&A session, where you can ask your burning questions and gain direct insights from industry experts.

This event is being delivered by Plug & Play and By registering for this event you are agreeing for us to share your name and email with Deloitte.

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