Julia Kemp

Julia is a Head of Growth at IOV Labs, the foundation behind the layer 2 blockchain Rootstock. She has nearly ten years of marketing experience working as a consultant to high-growth startups, in both B2B and B2C.

Tanuvi Ethunandan

Tanuvi is a Chartered Accountant and CEO and Co-Founder of Data Duopoly, which was founded in an EU-funded incubator, Launchpad, solving major industry problems with innovative tech-based solutions. Alongside, achieving a Masters in Entrepreneurship.

Helen Tanner

I'm a data fanatic and loving speaking about everything data and SMEs. In 2017, I founded Data3, the award-winning UK data lab. In 2020, I wrote 'The Data Escalator' and in 2021, we launched myDATA3 - the all-in-one business dashboard.

Heather Macdonald

I help leaders in technology companies to tell the world WHY they and their products are worth giving a damn about. With over 15 years' experience in corporate communications and technical product marketing, I can articulate a company's value to customers, investors, employees and more.

Emilie Harryman

Emilie spent the beginning of her career in the creative industries before moving into the tech sector. She now leads partnerships at Bristol's Engine Shed where she grows their network developing partnerships and project collaborations.



Joanne Kitson

Joanne has been lucky enough to jump between diverse fields in the course of her career. She enjoys speaking about data science & machine learning, electronic engineering, and is currently working on time series based Data Science/Machine Learning projects.

Cornell Campbell

Cornell has a background in technical product centric startups, consultative solutions and value add services with global enterprises, international Government and Law Enforcement. Cornell is passionate about sales consultancy in Virtualisation, IoT, Government Software development, Data Science, Fitness and Mental Health.

Laura Gemmell

Founder of Edtech company Taught by Humans, Laura saw a need for fun, friendly accessible tech education to make sure everyone has access to the opportunities provided by advancing technology. She loves teaching and she is driven by the lightbulb moment in her students eyes.

Karin Rudolph

Founder of Collective Intelligence, a hub for ethical innovation for tech businesses wanting to embed ethical thinking into their products and services. She have a background in Sociology, studies in Philosophy with expertise in AI and data ethics, privacy, and ethics as a service.

Beth Levi

Beth is a Data Scientist working in Bristol for a Cyber Reinsurance company and am interested in Data Visualization and Dashboarding. She is also interested in promoting women in tech, as someone who underwent a complete career change from a non-tech role.