Yiota Demetriou

Yiota is an experienced UX Researcher, Award-winning Product Designer, Educator, and Content Creator who advocates for Human-Centred multisensory interactive experiences. She's passionate about understanding users empathically, and how sensory understandings can be integrated into innovative solutions across industries to create intuitive cognitive designs.

Emma Pauncefort

Emma straddles education, music and technology in no particular order. A linguist and literacy exponent by trade, with a passion for connected and critical lifelong learning and 'tech for good', she is excited by the possibilities of the interplay between education & tech.

Laura Gemmell

Founder of Edtech company Taught by Humans, Laura saw a need for fun, friendly accessible tech education to make sure everyone has access to the opportunities provided by advancing technology. She loves teaching and she is driven by the lightbulb moment in her students eyes.