Vicky Brophy

Vicky has given talks on creativity in China with the British Council, chaired the Final Word panel at the Children's Media Conference, given panel discussions at the Cheltenham Film Festival and with Women in Animation & given the Keynote for the Centre for Digital Entertainment.

Mikaela Jones

As an Operations Manager, I'm involved in developing innovative strategies that drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency. With a unique blend of expertise in marketing, HR, and copywriting, I'm dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences and elevate brand presence.

Molly Sharp

Currently lead the partnerships division at Validato, where I am dedicated to forging strategic, innovative partnerships and collaborations. I work closely with industry leaders to develop joint offerings that address the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Jo Ford

Passionate and energetic Delivery Manager with over 17 years of experience in digital project management within agency settings delivering innovative, award-winning digital products. Skilled at empowering teams and clients to deliver impactful value.

Stephanie Jay

Dr Stephanie is a researcher, creative consultant, and photographer renowned for her innovative work, "Dance Articulate," fusing art, movement, and mental wellbeing with creative technology. A celebrated speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, and diversity & inclusion, her recent TEDx talk offers a captivating perspective on leadership.

Phurita Letheren

How UX discovery work can help you validate your business ideas. I want to share the reasons why UX discovery can help people/ companies that have ideas but unsure if there will be a market or a need for it.

Dani Hughes

Digital marketing specialist with over 10 years experience in planning, strategy and paid media buying. Working for some of the UK’s biggest charities to health and wellness organisations, delivering award winning campaigns. Passionate about closing the digital and women in leadership gaps, by offering training, upskilling and mentoring in this area.

Gwen Edwards

Gwen has worked in telecoms and the tech sector since 1999, and have quite a lot of international experience in product development, marketing communications and strategic partnerships, and now works for a telecoms company, a cloud-services company, and an AI-finance startup.

Yiota Demetriou

Yiota is an experienced UX Researcher, Award-winning Product Designer, Educator, and Content Creator who advocates for Human-Centred multisensory interactive experiences. She's passionate about understanding users empathically, and how sensory understandings can be integrated into innovative solutions across industries to create intuitive cognitive designs.

Tanuvi Ethunandan

Tanuvi is a Chartered Accountant and CEO and Co-Founder of Data Duopoly, which was founded in an EU-funded incubator, Launchpad, solving major industry problems with innovative tech-based solutions. Alongside, achieving a Masters in Entrepreneurship.