Julia Kemp

Julia is a Head of Growth at IOV Labs, the foundation behind the layer 2 blockchain Rootstock. She has nearly ten years of marketing experience working as a consultant to high-growth startups, in both B2B and B2C.

Karen Velasquez

Lead Product Manager at Signable with over a decade of experience working with digital products for startup and scaling organisations, Karen immerses herself in everything to do with product and leadership.

Nicola Hogg

Nicola is a full stack developer with experience in PHP, React, Remix, SCSS, Wordpress and Woocommerce, who is enthusiastic to speak about web development, accessibility in coding or game development.

Chineme Ifedi

Chineme is a data-driven professional with an engineering background and 10+ years of experience in program, project, and portfolio management. Chineme enjoys speaking about project management, business analysis and her tech career journey.