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Blu Wireless teams up on 5G innovation

Named as Key Innovator in European Commission’s Innovation Radar Platform  
15th May 2018

Blu Wireless in Bristol has been named by the European Commission as a key innovator in its Innovation Radar Platform.

The company has been a key part of the 5G-XHaul project, which is evaluating a converged optical and wireless transport network to flexibly connect small cells to the core network. Blu Wireless has developed and successfully demonstrated 60GHz millimetre-wave backhaul networks. These are used for carrier grade high speed, low latency and economically smart 5G gigabit connectivity for combined backhaul and broadband and are ready for deployment.

It has worked alongside Huawei, I2CAT, University of Bristol and Telefonica I&D. Tim Bowles, mayor of the West of England Combined Authority, visited the offices in Bristol meeting applications engineer Jamie Lee (above right).

“It’s really an honour to be identified as a key innovator by the European Commission in this way,” said Ray McConnell, CTO at Blu Wireless. “EU funded projects like these have access to a plethora of cutting-edge, life-changing research concepts and technology advancements. To stand out from such an impressive profile for having truly innovative and forward-focused technology and market potential means there is genuine confidence in our ability to facilitate delivery of the networks of the future.”

The company has also teamed up with LGS Innovations on gigabit wireless communications for 5G applications such as gigabit grade Fixed Wireless Access. Blu Wireless has been working with LGS Innovations to integrate its HYDRA gigabit mmWave modem technology with the advanced W-Band active phased array technology from LGS.

Blu Wireless has been demonstrating its new dual HYDRA 1.0 gigabit mmWave modem technology, with LGS Innovations latest generation of advanced mmWave active phased array radio technology.

Details of the Innovation Radar Platform are at


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