Company Overview

Blueskytec has applied its experience of over three decades of working in the field of embedded systems and encryption to provide a scalable and appropriate technology for cyber-physical devices.

Our systems have been designed specifically to overcome the unique challenges of protecting ICS/IoT and Transport.

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Additional Company Overview

Security for Cyber-Physical systems cannot be just a “software download”​ to your device, it needs to be built in from the ground up. This is because malware can be introduced into the supply chain at any point, unless the hardware is secure.

At Blueskytec, we provide award winning, secure, commercial cyber security hardware and software that enhances the security of your product through hardware trusted boot, encryption and authentication.

Security, at its very heart, requires only one thing…a shared secret. Without this there can be no trust and therefore no security. By its very nature software must run on hardware and if the hardware cannot be trusted then neither can the software.

Traditional cyber-physical systems have no security. These devices are currently not only hackable themselves, but provide an open door to more critical systems within your networks.

Systems engineers have been adding internet capability to a variety of devices for many years now, but cyber security has been seen as too expensive to include in the requirements.

Blueskytec aims to work with customers on a business–to-business basis providing cutting edge expertise in hardware, software and security. We also provide a consultancy service to integrate our standard modules with a range of sizes and capabilities into a customer’s product and adapt them to their needs.