Company Overview

Brijj is a collaboration tool which makes it easy for your data & insight teams to work with everyone in the organisation, so they can deliver valuable insight, together.

Like having Google Forms, Trello, Slack and Confluence in one, it’s the only tool you need to organise your work.

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Additional Company Overview

Brijj is the all in one work management tool for data teams & their business customers.

At Brijj, we know how much data & insight can empower us all to enact positive change because our founders have lived it.

We also know that without the right systems in place, without closely aligned insight creators, like Adrian, and consumers, like Alex, then data has less impact, decisions take longer, actions aren’t effective, and outcomes less meaningful…

If a decision or action is even taken at all.

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but without connected creators and consumers, without meaningful outcomes, data is nothing more than numbers, words and charts.

That’s why they built Brijj.

Brijj gives organisations of any size the means to help insight creators and consumers work together and deliver data & analytics, faster, with less error. To ask questions with outcomes at the forefront so they can deliver and prove value. To track and assess the actions that result from their work, so they constantly improve.

In this way, we hope to play our part in helping everyone realise the full potential of Data & Insight.

"Data, analytics and insight are only valuable when they help affect change"- Adrian Mitchell - Co-Founder, CEO