Company Overview

Firehaus is a brand consultancy.

We want to help you make a positive impact in the world, but to grow you’ll need a shift in mindset. To reach bigger audiences you’ll need to ignite your brand, focusing more on your customers and less on your product features.

We’ll get you there with Light+Heat – a liberating clarity of vision and empowering energy, transmitted throughout your organisation.

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The TechSPARK Tech Jobs Board brings together 1,000’s of the very best tech jobs from right across the South West digital community. If you’re a company looking to hire why don’t you drop us an email at to see how you can get in front of our community.

Additional Company Overview

Our Brand Ignition framework is designed to support senior teams through business transformation. Like fire, it has three interdependent elements. Experience has taught us that if you remove one you won’t get the effect you want or need.

The underlying strategy, positioning and purpose that establishes the paths to growth for your business.

The single unifying communications idea that brings your purpose, mission and vision to life.

Your brand as a driving force within your organisation, evident in everything you do externally and internally.

Alexandra Holland