Company Overview

At Kaedim we are accelerating the creators of tomorrow with our software, with AI at its core, that can synthesise and stylise multiple new digital 3D assets from a single input image. The demand for these assets are growing rapidly, especially in the games industry, but designers alone can’t keep up. We know that by exploiting AI we can augment the creative processes which encompass the creation of digital 3D assets, speeding up production by as much as 10 times. Our product enables designers to quickly create hundreds of novel assets in their unique studio or project style and then polish the few that best suit them, allowing for rapid iteration and a better overall product.

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Additional Company Overview

Kaedim is making digital 3D asset production simpler, faster and cheaper. 3D asset production is expensive because it is labour intensive. Existing production methods are complex, extremely time-consuming, scale poorly, and hard to learn.

Kaedim’s solution to this problem is an online platform where users can upload images of objects and our AI system rapidly converts these into 3D assets (untextured, watertight meshes) which are ready to use. The Kaedim platform makes it simpler, faster, and cheaper to produce 3D assets by automating the 3D modelling and retopology step in the asset production pipeline.

"We are big believers of the metaverse and when the time comes we want the number of people that are able to only create 2D assets today (snap a photo or take a video with their cameras) to be able to be making 3D experiences with the same toolsets, without needing to be re-trained.”

- Konstantina Psoma - Co-founder & CEO