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OKKO Health develops apps for smartphone that allow home-monitoring to measure eye vision. We embed deep vision science behind simple games on smartphones and tablets. This has applications across clinical practice, scientific research and in R&D of new drugs and devices.

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Company Overview

At OKKO Health, we believe that patients should spend quality time with doctors when they need it most (and safely avoid hospital when they don’t). Home-monitoring of vision between appointments will enable systems to deliver customised eye care and dynamic appointment schedules.

Working at OKKO isn’t just a job, we’re not just about building great technology – it’s about protecting the sight of people locally and across the world.

We love finding really clever ways to do new things – if you do too please get in touch. Our doors are always open to meet incredible people who share our vision.

"The idea came from a patient, who one day made me realise that we could get much more information about vision through capturing interactions on an iPad, than we ever could from a regular eye chart."

- Dr Stephanie Campbell - CEO and Founder

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