Company Overview

Payaca is a fast-growing startup providing a platform for homeowners and tradespeople to work together by connecting them with the best financial products on the market. We launched our mobile app and platform in March 2019 and have since gained strong user feedback and significant revenue growth.

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Additional Company Overview

Payaca started out with a simple idea: to bring small businesses and customers together by building a platform that connects them with simple, fast finance options.

Homeowners often have unexpected costs which are difficult to budget for. Customers needing to finance work could previously only use large companies who offered this and usually at a premium cost.

It felt like there was an inherent challenge within the industry.

We saw an opportunity to change this.

Our Payaca mission is to build a great platform that increases options for customers, connecting them to the best rates on the market, keeping the prices down and ensuring that tradespeople don’t lose work through lack of finance options.

Our Bristol office is located on the top floor of Hamilton House overlooking the city. As a startup we are constantly designing new solutions to hard problems and have found huge value in building a co-located Tech & Product team in our Bristol office. We provide flexibility for home working where required.

"As our development team is in-house we are able to constantly respond to the feedback of our growing customer base to ensure the platform best meets their needs"- Matt Franklin - Founder, CEO

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